5 Steps to Enhance Your Pinterest Presence

Pinterest is a great way to share a story visually rather than in words. The challenge lies in creating a profile that is search engine friendly as well as creative and unique. Before you create your next board, try implementing a few of these tips: 1. Create useful descriptions. When users are searching Pinterest, they … Continue reading 5 Steps to Enhance Your Pinterest Presence

Don’t Miss A Stitch!

This year’s New York City Fashion Week prompted new abstract methods of updating fashion followers.The yesteryears of pre-writing stories weeks in advance to run during Fashion Week, then waiting for collections to arrive in stores to cover them are now replaced with play-by-play coverage. Listed below are some of the ways PR professionals have put … Continue reading Don’t Miss A Stitch!

Now that’s Pinteresting!

In 2012 Pinterest exploded by the millions after two underground years and has since been added to big social media names Facebook and Twitter. Tuesday, Pinterest released their in-house analytics to help brands better know their audience on the site. In November of last year, Pinterest formally introduced business pages however many brands had already … Continue reading Now that’s Pinteresting!

Pinter-what? Can Pinterest Appeal to Men?

I know from experience that many hours of life can be lost in the depths of Pinterest browsing through wedding dresses, recipes, and more, but do they exclude men?While DIY crafts and cute pictures of puppies might not appeal to the other sex, Pinterest needs to start promoting their pin-board based site to men in … Continue reading Pinter-what? Can Pinterest Appeal to Men?

Pin it to Win It

The new Pinterest has been circulating around the social media block. I'm personally a fan, all you have to do is "pin" things that you like; food, fashion, decor, people, and even art. The things you pin will then go on their designated board, showcasing your personal boards to the public. But bored college students … Continue reading Pin it to Win It

There’s a New Procrastination Tool in Town

While we all love wasting time on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is rapidly catching up to it's online competitors.Needing a personal invite from a Pinterest member to join, the photo sharing site allows users to "pin" to manage your themed image collections. Just like Facebook, you can "friend" other users and "like" pins that they … Continue reading There’s a New Procrastination Tool in Town