The Final Countdown

Have no fear fellow stressed out students, the end is near.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Between final projects, final presentations, and final exams you don’t know where to begin to tackle your workload.    If you are anything like me, you are sitting in classes thinking about your … Continue reading The Final Countdown

The Unspoken Rules to Surviving the Semester

My brother started his freshman year of college this August. Being his older sister, I have always felt the need to look out and protect my brother. I do not want him to feel completely overwhelmed with work in a new place with total strangers. I thought about what I wished somebody had told me … Continue reading The Unspoken Rules to Surviving the Semester

Keep Calm and Start the Year Right!

The start of the new school year is officially upon us. I know everyone is thinking the same thing, “Where did the summer go?!” Trust me, I feel your pain. However, let’s not let the end of summer deter us from a great school year! For us PR majors, it is important to make sure … Continue reading Keep Calm and Start the Year Right!

Keep Calm and Keep Your Cool

As my extremely busy week is coming to an end, I have had time to sit back and reflect on it. This time of the year is especially stressful because the mid-term mark is fast approaching and everyone is getting sick of going to class every day, or at least I am. Being a PR … Continue reading Keep Calm and Keep Your Cool

How To Multitask Successfully

Any PR pro will tell you that knowing how to multitask is a must. When clients are calling, pitches have to be sent out, and a staff needs to be managed, it's important that you know how to stay on top of everything without losing any attention to detail. It seems overwhelming, but the best … Continue reading How To Multitask Successfully

Happy First Day of Classes!

PRowl Public Relations would like to wish everyone a great first day of classes!We have a lot of exciting things planned for the semester and we are looking forward to starting the new semester off right. Below are some tips I have outlined to make your first day a little easier.Use a planner! Even if … Continue reading Happy First Day of Classes!

Gmail: Keeping You Sane Through Labels

Thanks to the power of the iPhone I have access to my email virtually 24 hours a day, but with my organizations, school and work, I have a messy inbox.Gmail has a variety of ways to keep your inbox organized with labels. Labels allow you to color coat and categorize emails from different people or … Continue reading Gmail: Keeping You Sane Through Labels

Cleansing Your E-mail

Just like your closet, sometimes your e-mail inbox becomes cluttered and disorganized. Similarly, part of keeping your inbox pristine is maintenance. Below are some tips on how to purge your inbox and keeping it organized in the long run:Unsubscribe is a beautiful word-It seems so easy when you go shopping to just give away your … Continue reading Cleansing Your E-mail