How To Stay Sane In College

College is a busy time. You start with a full class load, add on a couple of student organizations, one or two part time jobs plus an internship and you're already overwhelmed. As a junior with all of the above, I soon realized this year would be more difficult than freshmen and sophomore year combined. … Continue reading How To Stay Sane In College

Understanding Leadership in Your Workplace or Organization

This past May, I attended the LeaderShape Institute with Temple University, a six-day long leadership retreat. On the second day of the program, we talked about leadership styles and took the DiSC Classic Personality Test. This test helps you understand yourself and others by giving you a framework for understanding human behavior. DiSC stands for … Continue reading Understanding Leadership in Your Workplace or Organization

Email Inbox Etiquette

An email inbox can be overwhelming. Especially in the generation of text messages and tweets, answering emails can seem very time consuming. As an aspiring PR professional, realize you will be relying on email a lot. Winter break is a great time to get organized and catch up! Although email is a great tool, it … Continue reading Email Inbox Etiquette

Perfect and Professional Portfolio-ism

For internships, jobs, and even student organizations, PR students have to go through several interviews. Of course with an upcoming interview comes the re-wiring of your portfolio. Whether you are just starting to put together your portfolio or updating it, following these few steps can lead your portfolio to perfection. Compile all the pieces. Since … Continue reading Perfect and Professional Portfolio-ism

Overwhelmed? Overcome it!

For most of us college students, today marks the end of our first week back on campus. We still haven't mastered our schedules, are most definitely sleep deprived and still have textbooks to purchase. It all can seem, well - a bit overwhelming. Stress and time management are common themes in the world of academia. … Continue reading Overwhelmed? Overcome it!