Employers Do Look At Your Profile Online!

The Infographic below shows the different social networks that employers turn to receive additional information on prospective employees. The exact same way we use these networks to connect to different business and job hunt, employers use it as a form of way to get to know you "better." Check out the infographic, Mashable created.

The Importance of the Profile Picture

When presenting yourself on social media, the first thing that any one person is attracted to when looking at your profile is your profile picture. Your profile picture, also known as an avatar, is the main attraction of your page; it sets the tone and allows your audience to get a feel for whom you … Continue reading The Importance of the Profile Picture

Know Your Digital Identity

It's very comforting to hide behind clever Twitter handles and privacy settings, but how comfortable can you be online? Potential employers want to know more about you than a few well written paragraphs in a cover letter and a distinguished resume. They want to know more about the recreational you. While it can be argued … Continue reading Know Your Digital Identity