Taking a lesson from…Netflix?

In the past couple of years, the latest addiction that so many of us have faced has been our love for instant television streaming. We binge watch our favorite shows, and countdown to when new seasons are released. Whether it’s a nice break from reality, or a way to wind down at the end of … Continue reading Taking a lesson from…Netflix?

A Year’s Review in Crisis Communications

As 2011 quickly comes to a close, I realize I have written several blog posts this year concerning Crisis PR. To wrap-up the semester, I'd like to include a short recap of some of the more popular cases that have affected how we all see crisis communications today.Netflix: When they split their business, there was … Continue reading A Year’s Review in Crisis Communications

Netflix Revisited

When I first posted "Dear Netflix:" back in July, it was only the beginning of their branding and customer relations woes. Last month, in an effort to make a clean break from their streaming service, Netflix announced that they were going to rebrand their DVD service into 'Qwikster'. Qwikster would work the same as Netflix, … Continue reading Netflix Revisited