We Are the Twenty Percent!

In the world of business, ROI is everything. In order to increase your ROI, you need to ensure you are delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the correct channel. Online, there are seven types of audiences: altruists, selectives, passionates, connectors, trendspotters, provocateurs, and careerists.Of these consumers, only 20% are high sharers, active … Continue reading We Are the Twenty Percent!

Don’t Over Feed!

As aspiring public relations professionals and young adults, many of us are constantly "plugged in". Throughout the day we are on social media sites commenting, re-tweeting and posting not only on our personal accounts but also for our internships and places of employment. We know it's sometimes unhealthy but some of us have trouble "shutting … Continue reading Don’t Over Feed!

Measuring Success

When you are launching a social media campaign, one of the important factors you need to keep in mind is measurement. If you don't measure your success, or failure, then you won't know how you can improve in the future. Now, measurement is an idea that is often tossed around. Is simply counting the amount … Continue reading Measuring Success

Getting Social with your Google Search

Always trying to generate the most relevant search results for users, Google is becoming a more social site. With the introduction of Google+, they have been able to incorporate your personal connections into your search results. Below I have outlined some of Google's recent updates:When you are logged into Google+, Personal Results are included in … Continue reading Getting Social with your Google Search

But Mom, I Don’t Want to Give you my Password!

Recently I was getting ready for class one morning and I overhead a newscaster giving their opinion concerning parental supervision of their child's social media use. He explained that if a teenager's parent does not have all the passwords to their social media accounts, that they weren't doing their job right.This struck me as a … Continue reading But Mom, I Don’t Want to Give you my Password!