Is Social Media Making Us Lazy Professionals?

It's an interesting notion to consider when social media is used as the catalyst and primary tactic in many PR campaigns today. Author Rosanna Fiske, Chair and Chief Officer of the Public Relations Society of America, disagrees with this statement in her Marketing Commentary response posted on April 27. Fiske claims the older generation of … Continue reading Is Social Media Making Us Lazy Professionals?

Newspapers Take a Hint from Groupon

Who doesn't love a good deal? Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial enable users to find savings on everyday needs and luxury items alike. According to author Matthew Ingram of GigaOm, some newspapers will begin providing discounts for their readers by introducing sections modeled after Groupon and LivingSocial.The New York Times is planning to introduce TimesLimited, … Continue reading Newspapers Take a Hint from Groupon

Quora: A New Social Media Platform

A recent article from discusses a new social media platform called "Quora." Quora describes itself as a “continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.”So what does this really mean?According to author Matt Wilson, Quora serves as a question and answer-based platform that strives to provide … Continue reading Quora: A New Social Media Platform

Lessons in Digital Media

It is no secret that we live in a digital world. However, many times we don't consider the effects of digitalization in our everyday media. For a PR professional, reaching your audience is the basis and driving force of any campaign. So how can we adapt traditional media in our digital age? Amy Jacques of … Continue reading Lessons in Digital Media

Diversity and PR

It is not difficult to identify the importance of diversity-driven planning in today's business world. Since 2001, DiversityInc has published an annual list of the Top 50 Companies for Diversity. PRSA Tactics interviewed PR representatives from top-ranking companies Sodexo, Coca-Cola, Xerox, and American Express about their company's perspectives on diversity. The representatives also share how … Continue reading Diversity and PR

What Do Changing Demographics Mean for Marketers?

A key component in public relations is understanding your client and their audience and knowing how to create and manage communication between them. The 2010 census reveals a significant increase of the Hispanic population in the United States. With Hispanic Heritage Month approaching, author Greg Beaubien highlights the impact the growing Hispanic population will have … Continue reading What Do Changing Demographics Mean for Marketers?

JetBlue Social Media Falls Short

Steven Slater. Some may consider him an admirable revolutionary; others might think he's insane. All opinions aside, Slater has become a household name after his dramatic resignation from JetBlue Airlines last week. As the story goes, Slater was a disgruntled flight attendant pushed over the edge by a passenger's complaints. Fed up, Slater yelled various … Continue reading JetBlue Social Media Falls Short

The Shrinking Newsroom

Any PR professional knows that Public Relations is based around timeliness, what is current, what is new and especially what is newsworthy. In a world with literally hundreds of media outlets right at our fingertips, an interesting concept to discuss is the reality of the shrinking newsroom and how to adapt PR practice accordingly. PRsay … Continue reading The Shrinking Newsroom

Disaster Strikes, PR Cleans It Up

Whether it is a hurricane, flood, oil spill, or corporate mess (because we all know there are plenty of those), one of the main jobs of a PR practitioner is to use their skills to assist in managing the crisis. In a recent article in PRSA's online publication Public Relations Tactics, intern Philip Volmar describes … Continue reading Disaster Strikes, PR Cleans It Up

There is Nothing Like the Summer To Spark Up Nostalgia!

As my tribute to the infamous hit Summertime by Will Smith infers, the summer of 2010 can be defined by none other than a little nostalgia. Feeling like you are in Grease or a Happy Days re-run recently? In case any fashionistas did not take notice yet, vintage designs from the 1940s and 50s are … Continue reading There is Nothing Like the Summer To Spark Up Nostalgia!