Why Mentorship Matters

Just last week, I announced the mentorship matches for fall 2014, a semester in which we saw an increase in both mentor and mentee applications. Each year, the program seems to expand as more members become aware of the program and the benefits of participating in mentorship. Even at PRSSA National Conference a few weeks … Continue reading Why Mentorship Matters

How To Join the Mentorship Program at Temple PRSSA

Last fall, Temple PRSSA introduced a mentorship program for its members. The program, so far, has been incredibly successful in matching up an upperclassman, or an executive board member (the mentor) with a younger PRSSA member (the mentee) and creating a relationship where the mentor helps to guide the mentee through their journey of studying … Continue reading How To Join the Mentorship Program at Temple PRSSA

From Mentee to Mentor

When is it that you go from being a mentee, to becoming a mentor in your own right? I have recently gone through this transition myself and to be honest, there are no clear cut signs. As PR students, it is easy for us to get caught up in our work, head down and full … Continue reading From Mentee to Mentor

Don’t be Afraid to Ask the Intern

About a month ago, I began my internship at Sharla Feldscher Public Relations, a firm in Old City with diverse clientele. Not sure of what to expect, other than knowing I would be learning a ton from one of Philly's most seasoned and well-known PR professionals, I never would have imagined how rewarding my internship … Continue reading Don’t be Afraid to Ask the Intern

The Value of a Mentor

As I watched the class of 2011 graduate last week, I realized how instrumental this group of young leaders has been in raising the bar for the underclassmen that will soon follow in their footsteps. These graduates have served as mentors for all of us, which is extremely important as young PR professionals.In her recent … Continue reading The Value of a Mentor