Social Media Scolding over Boston Marathon

It seems that false reporting over social media sites is becoming a reoccurring trend. Like my professors continually preach, "Always check your facts." It seems that the media need to be refreshed on this simple rule. According to Mashable, the Federal Bureau of Investigation scolded several media outlets in a statement Wednesday afternoon in response … Continue reading Social Media Scolding over Boston Marathon

Social Media And The Olympics.

Social Media has created quite the stir for the 2012 Olympics. Many of us around the globe follow our favorite athletes on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Originally, the Olympics were covered in and you received updates via print. After the invention of the television, the Olympics, beginning in 1964, were broadcasted live all … Continue reading Social Media And The Olympics.

Getting Along with Journalists

As a public relations professional, you will often find yourself clamoring for media coverage to please your clients. Journalists want and depend on good stories. The combination of the two professions should make for perfect harmony, however quite often a distrust can place a void on this potential friendship. So why can’t we all just … Continue reading Getting Along with Journalists

The "How To’s" of Gaining Media Attention for Your Event

If you’re in PR you know how important media attention is in promoting an event. But you may think to yourself, “How am I supposed to get them interested in my event?” Though this question may seem daunting, it’s really not!Here are some quick tips on how to make your event stand out from all … Continue reading The "How To’s" of Gaining Media Attention for Your Event

Whitney Houston’s Death: Did the Media Cross a Line?

We all witnessed the tragic end of a legend on Friday, February 11th. Songstress Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, cause of death still unknown. Media outlets took to every social media website imaginable to project the news. Media followed every member of Houston's family; watching Houston's teenage … Continue reading Whitney Houston’s Death: Did the Media Cross a Line?