SMARTphone Marketing

At the end of the summer I received a text message from Temple University notifying me that there was no damage to the school's facilities after the hurricane occurred in August. Seeing that I was in Boston at the time, I checked CNN for weather updates and then forgot about the text message shortly thereafter. … Continue reading SMARTphone Marketing

“Hanging Out” or Taking Notes Online?

As a PR junkie, I was intrigued by the newest social media website Google+. I quickly got invited to join a friend’s circle and began exploring the many options that it has to offer. I was instantly drawn to the new features. I found myself fascinated that you could choose who to share your content … Continue reading “Hanging Out” or Taking Notes Online?

LinkedIn: It’s Who You Know

While reading the New York Times last week, I stumbled upon an article in the Technology section that questioned the high stock value of popular Social Media website LinkedIn. According to the article, LinkedIn made a profit of $243 million in 2010 and the website has been expanding rapidly in 2011 with no stalls or … Continue reading LinkedIn: It’s Who You Know

Social Media Can Be Socially Dangerous

The positives of Social Media and the Internet are obvious for both consumers and companies: unlimited free access, massive amounts of shared information and networking. Facebook allows you to show your friends what is happening in your life, Twitter allows you to cleverly share your thoughts and likes with your followers, and Four Square gives … Continue reading Social Media Can Be Socially Dangerous

Track Your Twitter Traffic!

Rumors have been buzzing around the social media world for quite some time, but wait no longer: Twitter Analytics has been released! Twitter started out as a network where friends could share thoughts, finds and current events, but it has blossomed into a thriving communication medium and has created revenue, customers and buzz across the … Continue reading Track Your Twitter Traffic!

Poor Candidate or Poor Public Relations?

As you may have seen in recent news, Alan Grayson, the Democratic representative for the state of Florida, has debuted a political commercial that implies his opponent, Daniel Webster, is a member of the Taliban. In the clip, Webster is portrayed as a sexist, controlling and misogynistic conservative who claims wives should “submit themselves to … Continue reading Poor Candidate or Poor Public Relations?

The Importance of Maintaining Ethics Within Public Relations

When dealing with PR, it can be tricky to balance honesty and integrity with the desire to make your client stand out. All publicists or PR firms want their clients to be perceived in the best way possible, but they must also represent their products or services accurately in order to protect their reputation in … Continue reading The Importance of Maintaining Ethics Within Public Relations

Tips for Keeping Your Facebook Pages Safe

Most people in the world of PR are becoming increasingly aware of the power of social media. However, many people are unaware of the dangers and limitations that accompany the free marketing options that social media sites have to offer.I was given the opportunity to go through an intensive Facebook marketing program for my job. … Continue reading Tips for Keeping Your Facebook Pages Safe

Summer Internships Come In All Shapes and Sizes

With the school year coming to a close, there is one thing on the mind of many college students: internships. It is common knowledge among students that experience of any kind will get you far and enhance your marketability in the job world. As internship experience is becoming increasingly vital to finding a job after … Continue reading Summer Internships Come In All Shapes and Sizes

It’s all about WHO you know

As a college student and a PR junkie, I am constantly questioning how I can improve and expand my networks. I sit for hours on social media sites and keep up with the news, but the biggest roadblock I find in my long-term PR goals is that I do not know people of importance in … Continue reading It’s all about WHO you know