Conflict: Planning Organic PR Moments

Months ago, I purchased a ticket to the Lady Gaga concert at Wells Fargo Center and last week, I finally attended the show. While I was enjoying the performance (and not thinking about public relations) fans threw small gifts and letters onto the stage. At first I thought Gaga’s dancers would clean up the stage … Continue reading Conflict: Planning Organic PR Moments

What Men Wear to Work

A continuation of ‘What to Wear When You’re Young and in the Work Place” Interview wear, work wear and every event in between wear can be difficult to narrow down for men and women. It’s important to work on heuristics – non-verbal cues that send messages that can be just as important as what is … Continue reading What Men Wear to Work

Internship Tips & What You Can do to Better Your Network

Internships are always a hot topic. It’s all about where to find them, how to get them and how to sustain those work relationships. Networking is the foundation of unknown success. Here are current, real-life examples of what you can do to better your brand. Cover letters and resumes: Temple University has fantastic resources for … Continue reading Internship Tips & What You Can do to Better Your Network

Transfering with Ease

People may choose to transfer to other universities for many reasons: financial, social, or a next step from community college. Whatever the case, it can be a difficult transition, and even scarier than where you first came from. Although it can feel overwhelming, hundreds of other students are in the same position. From Temple University’s … Continue reading Transfering with Ease