Live-tweeting: How much is too far?

We are all aware that social media has unmistakably changed the game in many ways. From Twitter to Periscope, there are so many ways to be interactive with the public. Live tweeting is something that has a very thin line. Where do you draw the line? Live tweeting is tweeting during an ongoing show or … Continue reading Live-tweeting: How much is too far?

Tips to Improve Event Social Media Coverage

Recently, I've had the pleasure of attending several events and covering them via social media. However, I've also had the displeasure of attending several events and covering them via social media.  While I enjoy my job, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up, keep track, and keep within your data limit. Here are a … Continue reading Tips to Improve Event Social Media Coverage

Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Twitter and Shatters Records

Last night Ellen DeGeneres returned to host the 86th Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. In classic Ellen style she had the audience laughing all night long. From poking fun at Jennifer Lawrence tripping for the second time at the Oscars to ordering pizza for the hungry celebrities, including a very pregnant Kerry Washington, … Continue reading Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Twitter and Shatters Records

Live-Tweeting Tips

With a few national and regional conferences under my belt, I have truly embraced live-tweeting. It is a really easy way to generate meaningful content for your Twitter account - if it is done well. Be sure to keep the following tips in mind, provided by this PR Daily article, to ensure you are adding … Continue reading Live-Tweeting Tips

The Supreme Court & Social Media

From the president to hundreds of municipal officials, many government-affiliated people and businesses have given in to social media. However, there is one federal agency that lacks social media use and does not seem to be giving in anytime soon; the U.S. Supreme Court. After waiting all day to find out Wednesday's two major decisions … Continue reading The Supreme Court & Social Media

Surgery and Social Media

The Swedish Medical Center has begun a new campaign to raise awareness around treatment options for those with hearing loss. The campaign consists of a video series developed by Dr. Douglas Backous, medical director of the Center for Hearing and Skull Base Surgery at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, Washington and the use of Twitter and … Continue reading Surgery and Social Media

Tweeting Live From…

On Friday, I started to follow the Huguely trial on Twitter, @NBC29Huguely, after hearing from a co-worker about the horrific story of college student George Huguely, who killed his on-again, off-again girlfriend Yeardley Love, a student at the University of Virginia. The account, @NBC29Huguely, did a continuously great job tweeting live. The account strategically carried … Continue reading Tweeting Live From…