How to Prepare for PRSSANC

Whenever you talk about the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference, it always seems so far away, in the distant future. Even as recently as yesterday, I assumed I had a few more weeks until conference. BUT WAIT. It's this weekend. As in, 5 days from right now, you and I might be … Continue reading How to Prepare for PRSSANC

Don’t Talk Business at a Business Lunch

This past Friday, I sat down with the owner of a law firm for my first ever business lunch. Being a stickler for proper business etiquette, I was a bit nervous of saying or doing the wrong thing; I agonized over what to order (we eat at Panera Bread) for fear of looking barbaric as … Continue reading Don’t Talk Business at a Business Lunch

Life Hacks for PR Majors

You can’t browse the internet without finding an article with various life hacks for the general public. From deodorizing shoes in a freezer to using the opening in a pot’s handle (normally used for hanging) as a spoon rest, there are many things to find that may make your life a bit easier. But what … Continue reading Life Hacks for PR Majors

Crisis Communication: Community Health Systems

Computer hacks are not entirely far-fetched these days. It seems that more and more companies are finding themselves in the hands of a hack before they even realize it. The most recent major hack was within Community Health Systems, one of the United States' leading operators for 206 hospitals across the nation. Hacks are something … Continue reading Crisis Communication: Community Health Systems

10 Steps to a More Productive Day

This infographic from Lifehack offers great tips on getting more done throughout the days. It all starts with a simple list. Listing the tasks you're hoping to accomplish makes it easier for you to prioritize. Whenever I make my to-do lists I always put the due date next to my tasks so I can make sure … Continue reading 10 Steps to a More Productive Day

Declutter Your Life

At this point of the year, your brain is full to bursting with knowledge you may or may not ever use again (unless you're taking all PR classes, then you're just bursting with fabulous knowledge you'll be grateful for forever)--am I right? Before you have an inevitable mental breakdown, let me offer you some tips … Continue reading Declutter Your Life