TV and Social Media

Social media is changing the face of television as we know it. Any time that you sit down to watch your favorite TV show, you are most likely going to have your phone or computer right by your side so that you can post about what is going on. Social media has become a staple … Continue reading TV and Social Media

PR In Any Setting

As a high school student, I was under the impression that to have a career in public relations I had to be located in the city to be successful. Upon coming to school in the city I have learned that while being in a city is certainly a beneficial choice, public relations can be practiced … Continue reading PR In Any Setting

The Importance of the Profile Picture

When presenting yourself on social media, the first thing that any one person is attracted to when looking at your profile is your profile picture. Your profile picture, also known as an avatar, is the main attraction of your page; it sets the tone and allows your audience to get a feel for whom you … Continue reading The Importance of the Profile Picture

Stamping A New Path Of Promotion

There is a new type of promotion that this taking over the world of branding recently, street art. I first noticed this type of advertising when I was on my way to the Temple University Tech Center. I noticed a small stamp near the bell tower on the ground in bright white chalk paint with … Continue reading Stamping A New Path Of Promotion

The Science of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing, also known as low cost publicity strategies, is a popular technique that is used by many industry professionals in todays society. There are many different strategies that are used by guerrilla marketers in order to raise awareness of their issue, brand, or group. Below are a few of the popular techniques that are … Continue reading The Science of Guerrilla Marketing

Starting Off The Semester On The Right Track

Starting off a new semester as a seasoned sophomore, I have learned a thing or two about how things operate in a university setting. There are a couple things that I wish I would have known last year when I started the semester, so I put together a list of tips to help make the … Continue reading Starting Off The Semester On The Right Track

How To Keep Up With PR Over The Summer

Summer is now in full swing, and it’s a time for old friends, vacation, and relaxation, but also a time for work. While many of my fellow public relations friends have taken on internships in the city or are studying abroad, I have returned to my hometown where I am working at a local restaurant. … Continue reading How To Keep Up With PR Over The Summer

What I’ve Gained as a Member of PRowl PR

As the semester has just come to a close, and everyone is starting their summer breaks, I have had some time to think about my past semester as a member of the PRowl staff. Being a member of PRowl has been a truly positive experience for me as a freshman in college and has provided … Continue reading What I’ve Gained as a Member of PRowl PR

Persuasion and the Study of Public Relations

As a freshman and new to the study of public relations, I find myself learning new things about the industry every day. Recently, in my persuasion class, I have been learning about an aspect of the industry that is of vital importance but often overlooked: non-verbal communication. There are a variety of different ways to … Continue reading Persuasion and the Study of Public Relations