Understanding How The Owls Took Charge

The Super Bowl is the biggest night in network television. Billions of families across America tune in to watch the most exciting football game of the season. The day consists of men yelling at the TV, Pinterest-inspired snacks, Buffalo wings, an over-the-top halftime show and commercials that will be buzzed about for weeks to come. … Continue reading Understanding How The Owls Took Charge

The Blacklist of PR Phrases

Every public relations student knows mastering the art of writing press releases is crucial. From early on in our college careers, the rules of writing a press release are drilled into our heads. The piece should not be more than a page long. A quote should be given. A boilerplate should be attached. The ### … Continue reading The Blacklist of PR Phrases

What A Textbook Won’t Tell You About Interviews

As communications students, we are used to having the rules of interviewing drilled into our heads. By now, I can rattle off these rules as quickly as I can recite the Pledge Of Allegiance. Over time, this interview “code of conduct” becomes common knowledge to us. Sure we know showing up late to an interview … Continue reading What A Textbook Won’t Tell You About Interviews

The Method To An Over Achiever’s Madness

Have you ever wondered how certain people can be involved in a million things at once? How do people hold double majors, have e-board positions in different organizations and intern? These people used to amaze me.  I was convinced that they either didn’t sleep or weren’t fully human. It wasn’t until last semester that I … Continue reading The Method To An Over Achiever’s Madness

Beating The First Day Jitters

When I was little, my mom always made my lunch, organized my backpack and picked out my outfit for school the night before. As I grew older, this nightly ritual became my responsibility. I always assumed these were just “mom” things to do. Little did I know my mother was teaching me the importance of … Continue reading Beating The First Day Jitters

PR’s Generation Gap

At Sunday dinners, I can usually predict the questions my Poppop will ask me: ”How are your classes?” “Are any boys bothering you?” “You’re not walking anywhere alone, right?” However, at our last family dinner, he threw me a curve ball by asking, “So what exactlyis it that you do?” I had no response. An … Continue reading PR’s Generation Gap

Top 3 Blog Posts of Fall 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, I always love reflecting on the most interesting and most popular blog posts of the semester. This past fall, each of the blog posts below have reached over 100 plus views, and for good reason. Each blog post embodies all of the elements that make a blog post outstanding; … Continue reading Top 3 Blog Posts of Fall 2013

The Scandalous Side of PR

Okay, I’ll admit it. I am slightly obsessed ABC’s hit drama, Scandal. Maybe it’s the insane plot twists and crazy back stabbing scenarios that keep me hooked. Perhaps it’s the never-ending love saga between Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and the President. Whatever it is, there is one thing I am sure of: when it comes … Continue reading The Scandalous Side of PR

The Unspoken Rules to Surviving the Semester

My brother started his freshman year of college this August. Being his older sister, I have always felt the need to look out and protect my brother. I do not want him to feel completely overwhelmed with work in a new place with total strangers. I thought about what I wished somebody had told me … Continue reading The Unspoken Rules to Surviving the Semester

Getting Real With PR

Remember sitting in your 9th grade geometry class listening to your teacher ramble on about the Pythagorean Theorem as you sat wondering "When am I ever going to use this in real life?” Often times, it can be difficult to learn something if you do not understand its real world application. It is one of … Continue reading Getting Real With PR