What’s in a Name? Effects of the Big East Name Change

This year’s March Madness marks the last year that many of the traditional Big East schools will represent their conference in the tournament. Next year, the Big East will be completely made-over, reflecting little of its Eastern history and rivalries. The official split of the conference is effective July 1. Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and … Continue reading What’s in a Name? Effects of the Big East Name Change

Safeguarding your Social Media

Everyone has experienced seeing a stream of strange posts on a friend’s social media site with a tweet or status update later on saying “sorry my account was hacked!” But what if this friend was a social media manager for an organization, or what if this was a brand’s account you follow? It’s stressful to … Continue reading Safeguarding your Social Media

Who “Owns” Social Media?

Understanding which umbrella social media falls under in an organization is often debated between marketing, PR and customer service teams. There are companies with excellent customer service social media accounts, such as Comcast and Verizon, and there are even more companies with great social media accounts run by marketing and PR teams. So, what is … Continue reading Who “Owns” Social Media?

AP Stylebook: Rules For The Holiday Season

As we enter the holiday season, I thought it would be a great time to brush up on holiday style – AP style, that is. Below are terms that stood out to me as ones I would be likely to slip up on when writing. For instance, it’s general knowledge that seasons are not capitalized, … Continue reading AP Stylebook: Rules For The Holiday Season

Samsung’s PR Woes Continue

Just this summer, Samsung was in court defending itself against Apple and it now finds itself in the court of public opinion against tech bloggers.  In the actual court case, Apple claimed that Samsung had copied the iPhone.  Samsung lost in court and now owes Apple 1 billion dollars.As this story began to fade from … Continue reading Samsung’s PR Woes Continue

MBA Programs Add Public Relations Coursework to Curriculums

Perhaps one of the reasons that many do not understand what public relations actually does for businesses is that in 2010, 80 percent of MBA programs did not have coursework that gave students specific training on the role that PR plays in strategic communications.  In recent years, business schools have recognized that PR is no … Continue reading MBA Programs Add Public Relations Coursework to Curriculums

Only One-Third of Americans Follow a Brand on Social Media?

As a PR student, I am exposed to social media all the time and was shocked to see the findings of a recent study on PR Daily indicating that social media use is not as popular among the masses as one may think. The findings also showed that the American population may not be in … Continue reading Only One-Third of Americans Follow a Brand on Social Media?

Betting On PR

I recently came across an article on Inc.com titled “Why I’m Betting on PR” The article was written by Caroline Limpert, who recently started her own company. What caught my eye is that her start-up does not have a massive marketing budget like most start-ups tend to; instead, she is placing the entire budget into … Continue reading Betting On PR

StratComm Scores at Basketball Night

The School of Communication and Theater’s Strategic Communication Department hosted a basketball night on Wednesday, February 29. The event began with a networking hour in the Annenberg Atrium at 5:30 p.m., which attracted about 20 professors, students and parents from the department. Following the networking event, approximately 50 attendees watched the Owls take on the … Continue reading StratComm Scores at Basketball Night

Landing on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” List

Last week Fortune announced its annual “Best Companies to Work For” list. The morning the rankings were announced, it is safe to say that the PR staff for those who made the cut were buzzing with joy and excitement.Being on the “Best Companies to Work For” list is a huge deal for a company’s reputation. … Continue reading Landing on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” List