A Grassroots Movement at Temple?

In response to recent armed robberies around Temple University’s campus, students have created a way to voice their opinions on the subject. A Temple student created a Facebook event called “Eyes Around Temple” that is meant to help students “stand together and think of ways to protect [themselves] and fellow students.” The creation of this … Continue reading A Grassroots Movement at Temple?

Using Social Media for Social Good

The other day I was perusing one of my favorite sites, Mashable.com, when I saw something of interest on the main page. The page featured a story about a non-profit organization using Foursquare to raise awareness about homelessness. The North Carolina non-profit organization, Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) provides food, shelter and clothing to the … Continue reading Using Social Media for Social Good

Advice for Future PR Professionals

As a college student, I constantly think about my future. As such, I try to keep myself as up to date as possible with industry trends. Specifically, I keep on the lookout for blog posts and articles that discuss how people view public relations professionals and what our role is in the new media landscape. … Continue reading Advice for Future PR Professionals