The Point of PR

Suzanne Smith works at company XYZ in New York City. She works in their public relations department as director of public relations. Monday she entered her office, took the elevator to the 50th floor, entered her luxurious office and logged onto her computer. She began with email one and hoped to reach email 50 before … Continue reading The Point of PR

Tips on Becoming a Networking Super Star

Since we have some great networking opportunities coming up this semester I thought it would be helpful to list some networking tips. As a senior I have attended many networking events and in the past have found it helpful to seek tips from my peers before the event. The tips listed below can be found … Continue reading Tips on Becoming a Networking Super Star

How to Be Totally Remarkable

Seth Godin's book, The Purple Cow, gives his perspective on how someone can be remarkable and produce a remarkable product or business. Godin believes that, in order for a business to be remarkable, it must have a purple cow. He describes a purple cow as the innovative aspect of your product or business that makes … Continue reading How to Be Totally Remarkable

How to get to the top of the Christmas List

With the economic debt still churning, many people are planning to buy less this year. According to the National Retail foundation, holiday shopping this year is on track to increase, but by only 4 percent. People are really thinking twice about who to buy for and who to cross off their lists. This has resulted … Continue reading How to get to the top of the Christmas List

Burberry Meets Social Media

Burberry founder, Thomas Burberry, first designed the famous trench coat for British army officers in 1914. This 95-year-old fashion icon is Burberry’s top selling product and now has a social networking site dedicated to “the art of the trench.” On Monday Burberry launched a social networking site, This site encourages viewers to submit pictures … Continue reading Burberry Meets Social Media

The Power of Shoes

The power of shoes and giving. That is what TOMS Shoes’ Blake Mycoskie’s new business model- one-for-one is based on. While visiting Argentina in 2006, Blake discovered that some of the children living there did not own shoes. Many of them were unable to attend school simply because they would have to go barefoot. When … Continue reading The Power of Shoes

Dr. Seuss vs. Publicists

On Monday morning I sat in on a staff meeting, which consisted of eight account executives and one CEO. They started off by discussing interesting news and events that occurred over the weekend and then began discussing what was currently on their client’s agendas. As they went over plans to pitch the press and decided … Continue reading Dr. Seuss vs. Publicists

Scholarships for PRSSA Members

The current financial crisis hit its peak late September causing many big-time loaners to cut back or stop issuing student loans. I read an article by Christina Rexrode called “Student Loans Still Out There, but Leaner.” She explains that federal loaners are dropping out of the market or making their standards tighter for students who … Continue reading Scholarships for PRSSA Members