A PR Pro’s Guide to Working with a Graphic Designer

Our world today is fueled by digital and visual content. As a soon-to-be public relations professional, it is likely you will be creating visual content to develop a relationship and engage with your client or company’s audience. However, you might not be an expert in design software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator … Continue reading A PR Pro’s Guide to Working with a Graphic Designer

We Accept the Internship We Think We Deserve

The first day at an internship can be a lot like the first day of school when growing up. You are excited to see how your new boss operates, curious to see what peers you will get along with, and overall anxious about what lies ahead. When discussing internships throughout college, we are always told … Continue reading We Accept the Internship We Think We Deserve

Breaking Bonds: Friendship Troubles in PR

It isn’t a secret that PR majors make great friends. We are outgoing, driven, and full of energy that often spills into various parts of our life. However, our passion for PR and success can lead to trouble, especially when we are friends with other PR majors. Suppose your best friend lands an internship that … Continue reading Breaking Bonds: Friendship Troubles in PR

How To Tackle Your First Weeks At A New Internship

Joining a new organization can often feel nerve-wracking and overwhelming. Where do you go on the first day? What if you don’t make any friends? Who do you eat lunch with? These were the same questions we had on the first day of school, and many of the same questions we have the first day … Continue reading How To Tackle Your First Weeks At A New Internship

Learn to Make Your Own Decisions

There's no such thing as a stupid question, right? While that may be true, there are definitely questions that are pretty unnecessary. I tend to ask a lot of them. I would rather ask a lot of questions and do something right than forge my own incorrect path. While I still stand by that, I've … Continue reading Learn to Make Your Own Decisions

How to Handle Rejection

I'm not talking about getting turned down for a date--you'll have to go to another blog for advice on that one. I'm talking about job rejection. Whether you're about to graduate and applying for your first full-time position, you're an eager student applying for summer internships, or you're just looking to make a career change, … Continue reading How to Handle Rejection

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be You.

It's that time of year again! No, not the holiday season (although we are all excited for that too). It's officially the point in the semester where everyone starts to think about spring internships and even jobs for all you December graduates. So while you're updating your resume and crafting the perfect cover letter, there … Continue reading Be Bold, Be Bright, Be You.

Don’t Forget About R&R

Some of the most successful public relations students I know are also some of the busiest.  They're juggling multiple student organizations, full class loads, internships, and jobs.  Sometimes there is even more thrown into the mix.  While being busy can help you learn how to manage your time, it can also be a ticking bomb.  … Continue reading Don’t Forget About R&R

Tips for a Telephone Interview

The first step in the interview process after sending out your resume and getting a response is often a phone interview.  The interview could be with a person from human resources who just wants to ask a few general questions, or it could be with the person who is going to be hiring you. It could … Continue reading Tips for a Telephone Interview

PR in Your Pajamas

With virtual internships becoming more popular and many up-and-coming PR professionals offering their consulting services, there is an increasing amount of PR work that can be done from the comfort of your own home. I am currently interning for a woman who is a PR powerhouse: juggling multiple clients, three children, and running a household. … Continue reading PR in Your Pajamas