Why Facebook Won’t Land You a Job

I have bad news for every marketing and public relations student: having social media skills will not guarantee you a job, and unfortunately, it doesn’t make you special. I hope this isn’t news to you, but if it is, listen up. According to Brain Walton, the editor-in-chief of GeekChicDaily, “Social media is shifting from a … Continue reading Why Facebook Won’t Land You a Job

Creating a Portfolio: What to include and why to include it

Recently I finished my internship with a local agency that specializes in hospitality PR. Being a smart and well-informed intern, I took the advice of Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan.com. He recently published an article on the best things to do before you leave your internship, which included compiling all the writing and creative materials … Continue reading Creating a Portfolio: What to include and why to include it

When Does Who Become More Important Than What?

Apparently, it’s the moment a United States president uses social media.In 2008, for the first time ever, the battle for the presidential election was waged and won by President Barack Obama through social media. This is not news. It happened roughly 4 years ago and was the topic of much conversation at the time. So … Continue reading When Does Who Become More Important Than What?

Rookie Mistakes

It didn’t take long for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 25-year-old press secretary to run into trouble with the media. Tarrah Cooper, a graduate from the University of Missouri’s journalism school, might be in a bit over her head, according to Chuck Goudie, the chief investigative reporter at ABC 7 News in Chicago.Recently, Goudie posted a story … Continue reading Rookie Mistakes

Social Media Week: “Defend the Tweet”

“There is something about a perfectly crafted tweet.” --JWT’s Chief Creative Innovation Officer, James CooperRecently I went to New York to attend Social Media Week--for free. What I originally expected to be just another boring speaker series filled with out-of-touch professionals turned out to be one of the best networking and learning events I have … Continue reading Social Media Week: “Defend the Tweet”