Are You Using The Internet To Its Full Extent?

Today, the Internet is one of the most helpful tools a publicist can use.  Recently I heard from a few speakers a few websites that seemed like must-knows for a public relations specialist.  While we are all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram experts, here are some other websites that will be helpful to you and your … Continue reading Are You Using The Internet To Its Full Extent?

PR At The Shore

I grew up at the shore and this summer I was lucky enough to get my old job back at Ocean City Coffee Company (OCCC), and still intern in the city during the week.  Going into my senior year, I have had a lot of experience with public relations.  When the manager of OCCC, Aubrey … Continue reading PR At The Shore

The Child of PR and Marketing

This weekend, members of PRSSA and myself attended a PRSSA regional conference at Penn State, where we learned and discussed many different interesting PR topics.  One of the topics that really interested me was when Adam Kmiee, Global Director of Digital and Social Media at Campbell Soup Company, discussed PR and marketing becoming one. I … Continue reading The Child of PR and Marketing

Share Everywhere

This Thanksgiving holiday, Facebook posted a blog that confirmed that they will now how a “share button” on their mobile site, Android, and iOS apps. “The company said there was no technical hurdle that made a share button difficult to implement on mobile,’” Facebook said. “Facebook simply never made it a priority.” The share button … Continue reading Share Everywhere

Voting With Your Apps

The Republican National Convention generated over 4,000,000 tweets throughout its duration.  That high number of tweets may have had something to do with the new apps that iPhone and iPad users can download that allow them to stay up-to-date with the campaign.  These apps also allow them to also sync their Twitter and Facebook accounts.  … Continue reading Voting With Your Apps

To Klout or Not to Klout

This week at my internship, my boss looked at me and asked what my Klout score was.  I looked at him somewhat confused then remembered Klout is a website that measures your impact on social media.  I signed up and all week my boss and I have become obsessed with Klout.   Klout measures your … Continue reading To Klout or Not to Klout

Social Media During AIDS Education Month

This summer, I am interning at The Wilma Theater.  The show that the Wilma is currently putting on is Angels in America.  For those who have not seen the HBO miniseries, Angels tackles the serious subject of HIV-AIDS from a theatrical stand-point.  In quite the coincidence, Angels at the Wilma is being performed during Philadelphia’s … Continue reading Social Media During AIDS Education Month

Social Media Meets March Madness

March Madness has arrived and unlike many years before, this year March Madness has taken over the lives of its fans and also their social media accounts.Selection Sunday, the day where picked teams and their seeds are announced, started most of the Twitter talk about March Madness. Fans mainly started tweeting two hours leading up … Continue reading Social Media Meets March Madness