Tools for Freelancers: MyPrice

One of my favorite things about PR is that it doesn't take huge teams and corporate budgets to be able to offer services. In fact, many professionals opt to step away from the nine-to-five setting and into the home office to work as a freelancer. Freelance work is an awesome way to do what you … Continue reading Tools for Freelancers: MyPrice

Smartphone Dependency Syndrome: It’s Real

Have you ever told yourself that you need to put your iPhone away?  You tell yourself you'll put it down for the next thirty minutes   You feel like you are being super productive and it starts to feel as if it has been hours since you last checked it. You think about all the texts, tweets … Continue reading Smartphone Dependency Syndrome: It’s Real

It’s Official – Everyone Loves An iPhone!

For any aspiring Public Relations professional, owning a smart phone is a necessity. Public Relations work never ceases to end so being able to be available 24/7 is a must. As a previous dedicated BlackBerry user turned iPhone lover, I was thrilled to find out that the world really does love Apple. RIM? Not so … Continue reading It’s Official – Everyone Loves An iPhone!