Phone Interviews 101

It’s crucial to impress an employer during an interview.  You’ll arrive in polished clothes, greet the interviewer with a firm handshake, and hand him or her your perfected resume.  However, if you’re scheduled for a phone interview, it eliminates the physical interaction.  How will you make a good impression now?  Although phone interviews may seem … Continue reading Phone Interviews 101

Management: Avoiding First Impressions

We've thought long and hard on how to master the first impression. Some of us still reign better than others. But while we're stressing out over our showing our future employers our best appearance, we stay blind to what it's like to be on the other side of the interview. First impressions influence the way … Continue reading Management: Avoiding First Impressions

What is Your Interview Body Language Saying?

Interviews can be a stressful ordeal. It feels like everything from the experience on your resume to your interview outfit are being scrutinized and evaluated. And often, interviewers really are looking at ever little detail. But one of the biggest communicators during an interview may be something that isn't said at all. Your body language … Continue reading What is Your Interview Body Language Saying?

Tips For Tackling That Dreaded Interview Question

During job and internship interviews, hiring managers may ask about your greatest weakness to determine whether you are fit for the position. This is a tough question, but luckily you can come prepared to an interview with a solution. When you think about your weaknesses, keep in mind not to indicate any qualities that make … Continue reading Tips For Tackling That Dreaded Interview Question

Interview Etiquette

With PRowl hiring for the 2014-2015 school year, I believe a blog about proper interview etiquette would be helpful to all of our readers (but especially the prospective new hires that are looking at our site in preperation for the interview), which brings me to my first point. (google images) 1. Do your research ALWAYS … Continue reading Interview Etiquette

HR Insider: Interviewing Tips and Tricks

We’re all familiar with that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach right before an interview. Nervously waiting in an unfamiliar office while clutching your portfolio and trying to remember absolutely everything you can about the company you’re about to interview with. Well now you can relax thanks to some insider help! I … Continue reading HR Insider: Interviewing Tips and Tricks

Three Tips for a Smooth Interview

We are all eventually going to be graduating and will have to face the nerve-wracking process of going on interviews. I figured, why not conquer the art of interviewing so this process will be a little less strenuous. Oh yeah, landing your dream job wouldn’t hurt either. During this blog, I will be discussing threetips that will make the interviewing process that much easier:dressing professionally, being confident, and do … Continue reading Three Tips for a Smooth Interview

Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

Phone interviews are often one of the first steps on the road to finding a job or internship. Sometimes the calls come from someone in human resources for the company you're applying to and sometimes they come right from the person in charge of the position. Phone interviews are generally scheduled ahead of time, but … Continue reading Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

Why You Should Be Evaluating the Interviewer Too

The night-before jitters strike. Picking the perfect outfit and making sure you are well prepared for your interview are common behaviors. The moment you have been waiting for arrives and you’re ready to go. But what happens when your interviewer appears to fall short? Unfortunately, there are many components of a faulty interview. A meaningful … Continue reading Why You Should Be Evaluating the Interviewer Too

How To: Dress For A Summer Interview

With the temperature rising as we continue into the summer season, dressing for summer interviews gets a bit tricky. Summer is the season of bright colors, short-shorts, light tank tops and airy sundresses. Interviews call for dark hues, stiff blazers, long pants and stuffy button-down shirts. The best advice I have ever received in regards … Continue reading How To: Dress For A Summer Interview