We Accept the Internship We Think We Deserve

The first day at an internship can be a lot like the first day of school when growing up. You are excited to see how your new boss operates, curious to see what peers you will get along with, and overall anxious about what lies ahead. When discussing internships throughout college, we are always told … Continue reading We Accept the Internship We Think We Deserve

Saying "I Do" to a Wedding Planning Internship

While studying public relations in the classroom, my interests always swayed towards event planning.  This summer I accepted an offer to intern with the company Something Blu Weddings and Events.  I had zero experience in wedding planning before this summer, but was ready to get my feet wet.  Although its only been about a month … Continue reading Saying "I Do" to a Wedding Planning Internship

The TRUTH About Unpaid Interns

Last week, PR Daily posted this article featuring 5 things not to expect from an unpaid intern. The article basically tells internship coordinators and PR pros who will work with these interns to brace themselves. It describes unpaid interns as slackers who won't be motivated to be great interns if they aren't being paid to … Continue reading The TRUTH About Unpaid Interns

Summer Internship: Is It Too Late to Find One?

The simple answer is no. It is not too late to find a summer internship. Summer does not technically begin until June 21 so there is still time! While it might be too late to receive school credit for one, if you are looking to gain first hand experience in the PR industry, start searching … Continue reading Summer Internship: Is It Too Late to Find One?

Exposing Myths About Virtual Internships

Last Summer, after securing one internship at a local public relations agency, I was offered another position as a virtual intern. The internship required me to log a certain amount of hours working from home, completing various projects, and being available for conference calls with supervisors and clients. Having one in-office internship and a work … Continue reading Exposing Myths About Virtual Internships

The Do’s and Don’ts of Being An Intern

     Whether it is your first or third time as an intern, you will come to realize no internship is ever exactly the same. Although your duties as an intern may vary, your behavior should always remain the same; be diligent, willing and professional.        The internship process can get tricky sometimes, … Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Being An Intern

Stand Out from the Crowd

During my time at my internship with the National Constitution Center, I've had the opportunity to sit in on several meetings about the launching of our newest exhibit American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. While sitting at these meetings, I can't help but be entertained by all of the goings-on. I feel like … Continue reading Stand Out from the Crowd

Questions That Will Show You Care

As a first time intern, to say I have a lot to learn is an understatement. In just a few months I've gained some great experience and learned a lot of lessons, but I still have a long way to go. One lesson I learned very quickly is the importance of asking quality questions. Coming … Continue reading Questions That Will Show You Care