Crisis control in the international eye

It’s never easy to admit to mistakes that’ve been made. What makes it more difficult is when mistakes happen in the international public eye, and stakeholders are questioning moral codes of ethics. Two recent scandals that have taken the media by storm involve the world’s largest car manufacturer and the association behind soccer’s global governing … Continue reading Crisis control in the international eye

"When In Rome…"

  If there is one piece of advice I could give to every student out there it would be to study abroad! Everyone should be exposed to the world around them because it will expand your horizons in so many different ways. Traveling will change you as a person both personally and professionally.      … Continue reading "When In Rome…"

PR In The Eternal City

This summer, while studying abroad at Temple Rome I found a small cafe in the heart of the city. Everyday I watched countless Roman businessmen and women trickle in and out of the café at lunchtime. After seeing these professionals day after day, I began to wonder: what is modern public relations like in the … Continue reading PR In The Eternal City

Public Relations, an Adventure Abroad.

Wagwan, fellow aspiring public relations professionals! Last week at this time I was teaching children at White Horses Primary School, an Elementary School in St. Thomas, Jamaica, about sustainability. Every year, my universtiy sponsors service immersion trips to locations which include Jamaica. So last week, I found myself in Jamacia with 12 other students completing … Continue reading Public Relations, an Adventure Abroad.