Media Training 101: Tips on Teaching Your Client

Advocacy. Advocacy. Advocacy.  It's PR 101, it's what we do for our clients and it's what is engraved into our brains from the start.  Part of advocating for your client or your company can be media training. Media training is simply preparing your client for press conferences, interviews, TV appearances, etc. It's a daunting task … Continue reading Media Training 101: Tips on Teaching Your Client

Informational Interviewing for Dummies

One out of every 200 resumes results in a job offer, while one out of every 12 informational interviews results in one. Although informational interviewing is not a tool used specifically to obtain a job, the possibility is not completely ruled out.According to the University of Colorado’s Career Services website, informational interviews are helpful for … Continue reading Informational Interviewing for Dummies

Getting the Best Info from your Informational Interview

As a soon-to-be college graduate, (eek!) the job search is in full-force and I have my first informational interview today. While it could seem self-explanatory, it is important to have a focus so you create a professional image for yourself while getting valuable information about a company/position. Even if they currently don't have any jobs … Continue reading Getting the Best Info from your Informational Interview

Mastering the Informational Interview

As a public relations major who graduates in May, I am incredibly eager to begin the job search. However, with many positions looking to be filled immediately and the recommended application process starting in March, that leaves me with five months to perfect my resume, build my network of professionals and start the informational interview … Continue reading Mastering the Informational Interview