Infographic: Must-Have Traditional & Digital Skills for PR pros

What does the marketplace demand of today’s public relations professionals? When asked “Which PR skills are most important for advancement within your organization?” for the PR News’ 2015 Salary Survey, more PR and marketing executives (57.59 percent) cited written communications than any other skill. Content creation (54.46 percent) comes in as the next most important … Continue reading Infographic: Must-Have Traditional & Digital Skills for PR pros

When Is The Best Time To Post?

When is the right time to post on social media? A question that is constantly asked by most social media users.  At my internship, I'm in charge of everything social media and I'm always hesitant as to when exactly should i post information on the different social media channels. As i continue to partake in … Continue reading When Is The Best Time To Post?

Employers Do Look At Your Profile Online!

The Infographic below shows the different social networks that employers turn to receive additional information on prospective employees. The exact same way we use these networks to connect to different business and job hunt, employers use it as a form of way to get to know you "better." Check out the infographic, Mashable created.

Good Grammar Gets Love

Is bad grammar one of your deal breakers on a date? With Valentine's Day, also known as Single's Awareness Day, right around the corner I can't help but think about dating, love and relationships. Grammar is one of my biggest pet peeves. If a date texts me and says, "Your so beautiful" I can't help … Continue reading Good Grammar Gets Love

Do I Really Need An Internship?

Needing an internship and wanting an internship are two very different things. Most students shy away from even thinking about the dreaded word until late in their college years. For PR students, however, I have learned that internships are essential in starting a career in the field, however you should want the job – not … Continue reading Do I Really Need An Internship?