Innovating Your Writing

Superior writing skills are a PR professional's bread and butter. Everything that we do stems from the ability to use and manage language. Whether it be writing a news release or designing content for a social media plan, strong writing skills can be found at the core of almost any assignment. It is not uncommon … Continue reading Innovating Your Writing

150 Resources To Make You A Better Writer

It appears that PRowl Public Relations has a guardian angel. We were recently approached by a contributor for Open Education Database with a post they published of 150 resources designed to help you become a stronger writer. Who better to share it with then our readers? The resources are broken down into categories such as … Continue reading 150 Resources To Make You A Better Writer

How To Improve Your Writing

It is hard to believe the fall semester is already underway. Assignments, essays and other homework is starting to pile up. For many PR students, these assignments will consist of writing, writing and more writing! Personally, I always seem to, in the three short months of summer, completely forget how to write. Writing is hard work. … Continue reading How To Improve Your Writing

5 Ways To Prevent Writer’s Block

Public relations and writing go together like math and science, you can't do one without encountering the other. But when it's time to write that perfect pitch or media advisory, writer's block is the last thing you want to deal with. Here are 5 quick and easy tips to prevent writer's block:1. Write Daily: If you … Continue reading 5 Ways To Prevent Writer’s Block

How Does Your Writing Stack Up?

As an account executive of PRowl Public Relations, Temple University’s only student-run public relations firm, the most common question I get is, “how do I improve my writing?” Now, I don’t claim to be an expert writer, but I have been writing in a journalistic and public relations styles for over five years so I’ve … Continue reading How Does Your Writing Stack Up?

15 Minute Writing Makeover

Between classes and extracurricular activities our to-do list as PR students may seem never ending, so finding time to work on our writing skills each day can be challenging.However, Samantha Hosenkamp of says you can improve your writing by taking 15 minutes each day to do this challenge:1. Take a minute to brainstorm three … Continue reading 15 Minute Writing Makeover

Writing for Todays Attention Span

As the semester begins most of professors start with basics; inverted pyramid, proper sentence structure, etc. However recently in one of my classes we discussed a puzzling factor in writing, the brevity of a now 21st century reader. In “The Philosophy of Composition” Edgar Allen Poe suggests that a writer must base the length of … Continue reading Writing for Todays Attention Span