Holiday Social Media Tips

As one of the biggest holidays of the summer approaches, brands are prepping to stand out with their social media posts. Check out these tips for your patriotic social media posts.

Holiday Shopping in Your Inbox

Prepare for an inbox of coupons and promo codes this holiday season. We've taken e-mail for granted. We use it most often for business purposes rather than personal purposes, but it remains a tactic for marketing professionals everywhere.  E-blasts, promotional codes, weekly updates, and blog content are all sent out as attention-grabbers via e-mail. (Source: … Continue reading Holiday Shopping in Your Inbox

How ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Teaches Us About Crisis PR

Much like Charlie Brown and friends, my holiday gatherings never go according to plan. Either the turkey is being burnt or the dogs are getting into someone's leftovers. My family has learned to always plan for the worst. As I waited for dinner to be served yesterday, I happened to stumble upon this PR Daily … Continue reading How ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Teaches Us About Crisis PR