Strong Responses to #ImARepublican Hashtag

In late September, the #ImARepublican hashtag hit social media as a part of a campaign launched by Republicans Are People Too. Republicans Are People Too, and the subsequent ad shown above, were created to combat the belief that the Republican Party is comprised only of rich white men. The ad makes its claim by showing … Continue reading Strong Responses to #ImARepublican Hashtag

World Cup Update: No Belgium Waffles for Breakfast

Team USA continues to play game after game, and fans continue to post tweet after tweet. PRowl has already emphasized how social the World Cup is, and what more could us PR folk want other than to be trending worldwide! All of the games scheduled in the World Cup have found their own little corner … Continue reading World Cup Update: No Belgium Waffles for Breakfast

A Look Back: Black Friday Fiasco

This year’s Black Friday tradition seemed to step on the toes of another popular tradition: Thanksgiving. Stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, etc. opened on Thanksgiving evening starting as early as 5PM. It seems as though the majority of shoppers were not thrilled about Black Friday imposing on their holiday. See Below: As … Continue reading A Look Back: Black Friday Fiasco

#LeadThemOn with Leading Hashtags

Hashtags, or key phrases that identify a topic on social media, are incredibly popular on various platforms and sites. As PR professionals, we should be constantly thinking of new ways to revamp what's already out there to increase visibility and up engagement . We must find creative ways to give users something they can engage … Continue reading #LeadThemOn with Leading Hashtags

How to #Hashtag on Facebook

It has been a little over two months since Facebook rolled out it's hashtag feature and some brands have been utilizing as a potential tool to drive engagement. Although it hasn't gained much traction yet, Simply Measured's recent study found that brand adoption of Facebook hashtags had increased by 20% by the end of July.  … Continue reading How to #Hashtag on Facebook