What Implied Links Mean For PR

In March of this year, Google announced that it received a patent for a new algorithm called Panda. This new step for Google also brought with it major news for the PR industry. The Panda algorithm introduced a new piece to the SEO puzzle called Implied Links. Simply put, an implied link is any relevant … Continue reading What Implied Links Mean For PR

4 Tips For Better SEO

"Content is King" is a phrase we are no strangers to, but "SEO is Queen" may be a new one. SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial for all online ventures. The reining king of the internet, Google, can control which websites have higher rankings during searches. Google tries to avoid things that look like … Continue reading 4 Tips For Better SEO

Hidden Gems of Google

What do you do when you don't know a word? Google it.  Need more information? Google it.  Googling always seems to be the go-to.  PR Daily published an article that revealed 6 'hidden' tools that Google offers and after reading them I will never Google anything the same way again. Google Verbatim As efficient as Google is, … Continue reading Hidden Gems of Google

Nice Blog You’ve Got There! Now What?

Whether for personal interest or because of the many posts urging PR pros to create a company blog, you finally made one and it looks great! Brace yourself if you thought finding motivation to create the blog was difficult because the worst has yet to come: generating content. Yikes! The actual blogging part, believe it … Continue reading Nice Blog You’ve Got There! Now What?

Getting Social with your Google Search

Always trying to generate the most relevant search results for users, Google is becoming a more social site. With the introduction of Google+, they have been able to incorporate your personal connections into your search results. Below I have outlined some of Google's recent updates:When you are logged into Google+, Personal Results are included in … Continue reading Getting Social with your Google Search

Search Engine Optimization: Press Release Edition

Gone are the days of sending your press release to solely journalists or media outlets. The reality is, your audience is everywhere and you need to make your pitch known from all angles. However, many PR pros aren't taking advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) to relay their message quickly, effectively, and with sufficient content … Continue reading Search Engine Optimization: Press Release Edition

Google Announces Purchase of Zagat

Last week, in a surprising move by Google, Zagat was bought out by the multi-billion dollar corporation. For those who are unfamiliar with Zagat, it is one of the world's leading providers of consumer survey-based information on places to dine, drink, travel and more. It started as a hobby 32 years ago, and has been … Continue reading Google Announces Purchase of Zagat

How Google+ Can Help Non-Profits

Google+ has been making a splash across social media blogs and forums since its highly anticipated arrival about a month ago and most recently, Mashable.com reported how Google+ can be used for non-profits. Although Google+ is not the most used out of the social media giants, its unique features allow even the smallest of non-profits … Continue reading How Google+ Can Help Non-Profits

Battle of the Tweets – Why Corporations Can’t Just Talk It Out

Make your way around the tech blogs and you’ll find yourself reading about a “he said, she said” Twitter war involving three of technology’s giants – Microsoft, Google and Apple. No good fight is complete without an unlikely team of rivals - Apple and Microsoft, against Google in a war of words. The dispute started … Continue reading Battle of the Tweets – Why Corporations Can’t Just Talk It Out

“Hanging Out” or Taking Notes Online?

As a PR junkie, I was intrigued by the newest social media website Google+. I quickly got invited to join a friend’s circle and began exploring the many options that it has to offer. I was instantly drawn to the new features. I found myself fascinated that you could choose who to share your content … Continue reading “Hanging Out” or Taking Notes Online?