Say ‘Yes’ to the… First Job Offer?

As graduation looms, the class of 2014, along with myself, have been anxiously awaiting that "first job" offer. When that offer letter finally arrives, however, the stress and anxiety sets in. You ask yourself, "Is this the right decision?" Or, "Will I be happy at this company?" A whole series of questions and emotions will … Continue reading Say ‘Yes’ to the… First Job Offer?

Generation Y’s Biggest Fear

There are a lot of differences between the generations when it comes to communication, lifestyle choices, and especially the workplace.  As a member of Generation Y, I can say with complete certainty that one of the biggest pitfalls of my generation is the fact that a large number of us are uncomfortable making a phone … Continue reading Generation Y’s Biggest Fear

Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!

With the enormous growth of smart phones, nearly half of Americans are receiving their local news via mobile devices. We've seen the changing industry of print journalism, making transitions to subscription-based online accounts and many news outlets creating a presence for themselves on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (at least if they … Continue reading Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!

But Mom, I Don’t Want to Give you my Password!

Recently I was getting ready for class one morning and I overhead a newscaster giving their opinion concerning parental supervision of their child's social media use. He explained that if a teenager's parent does not have all the passwords to their social media accounts, that they weren't doing their job right.This struck me as a … Continue reading But Mom, I Don’t Want to Give you my Password!