Three Non-traditional Takeaways from TU Invitational 2016

Temple PRSSA held their third annual TU Invitational on Saturday, Mar. 12. TU Invitational is a one- day, regional conference focused on public relations, marketing and the communication industry. It offers a variety of guest speakers to attendees, as well as a networking session with professionals from the region at the end. The theme this … Continue reading Three Non-traditional Takeaways from TU Invitational 2016

PR Lessons from “The Newsroom”

I made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish over my last and final winter break (tears). One of these goals was to catch up on a number of series that were pushed to the side all fall semester. I finished the entire series of HBO’s “The Newsroom” in a mere seven days. Isn’t … Continue reading PR Lessons from “The Newsroom”

Another Week, Another Company Apology

Uh oh, Bloomingdale’s. Bloomingdale’s was in the hot seat the past few days for including an offensive reference in a holiday advertisement which read “spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.” I'm sorry, what? The first question that comes to my mind when I saw this hit the fan was for implying date rape … Continue reading Another Week, Another Company Apology

Nuts for the Nutshell

One of the first emails the student body received at the beginning of the new school year from Temple University was from the “Nutshell.” Like many, I was intrigued when this appeared in my inbox on my iPhone. The unfamiliar name and catchy subject line led me to read on. The Nutshell described itself as … Continue reading Nuts for the Nutshell

New Semester, New You

Back to school is officially in full swing. Every semester starts with a clean slate. For most of us aspiring PRos, a new internship has started as well. Here are some helpful tips to get you ready to conquer all responsibilities you have over these next few months. Fall Cleaning - How long has it … Continue reading New Semester, New You

Live-tweeting: How much is too far?

We are all aware that social media has unmistakably changed the game in many ways. From Twitter to Periscope, there are so many ways to be interactive with the public. Live tweeting is something that has a very thin line. Where do you draw the line? Live tweeting is tweeting during an ongoing show or … Continue reading Live-tweeting: How much is too far?

Is a personal website more important than ever?

Has anyone ever suggested to you to create a personal website other than LinkedIn? The thought of creating a website focusing on only you can be nerve-wracking at first. Don’t people see enough of your personal and professional life through other social media platforms? My opinion on a personal website changed after taking a Personal … Continue reading Is a personal website more important than ever?

NBA Social Media Stir

Sports PR is a field that truly lives up to the saying “everyday is different.” Whether the public relations team is handling a regular game night or taking care of an incident involving a player, things are always interesting. A prime example is how social media played a large part in free agent DeAndre Jordan’s … Continue reading NBA Social Media Stir

Lilly Pulitzer Employee isn’t as bright as the clothes

A month ago, Lilly Pulitzer was in the spotlight for selling out within minutes after their line launched at Target. People were lined outside the store for hours and Target’s website could barely handle all the traffic. Some customers were irate they were too late to buy anything, others jumping for joy about their new … Continue reading Lilly Pulitzer Employee isn’t as bright as the clothes

We Accept the Internship We Think We Deserve

The first day at an internship can be a lot like the first day of school when growing up. You are excited to see how your new boss operates, curious to see what peers you will get along with, and overall anxious about what lies ahead. When discussing internships throughout college, we are always told … Continue reading We Accept the Internship We Think We Deserve