PRowl’s Seniors

PRowl is so PRoud of our seniors!Doug Bennett (Account Executive &Director of Finance)Doug is currently interviewing for corporate communications positions and is now an intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. During the summer, Doug will begin studying for the LSATs and then apply to law schools.Emily Ascani (Assistant Firm Director) Emily will be continuing to intern … Continue reading PRowl’s Seniors

Nice Blog You’ve Got There! Now What?

Whether for personal interest or because of the many posts urging PR pros to create a company blog, you finally made one and it looks great! Brace yourself if you thought finding motivation to create the blog was difficult because the worst has yet to come: generating content. Yikes! The actual blogging part, believe it … Continue reading Nice Blog You’ve Got There! Now What?

An Unusual Way to Improve Your Grammar

Texting and social media usage surely impacts our grammar, but how? Will the iPhone’s autocorrect feature excuse us for writing poorly? Or perhaps the 140-character restriction for tweeting will actually help by forcing us to write strategically.Mignon Fogarty, widely known as Grammar Girl, defends texting and social media in a video on, and explains … Continue reading An Unusual Way to Improve Your Grammar

Rejuvenated Releases: Writing a Punchy Press Release

You’ve been asked to write a press release for a client. You go over the steps in your head: Start with an enticing lead sentence, find a quote for the second paragraph, gather statistics and include a few lines about the organization. Although this may be the correct procedure, is this really all that can … Continue reading Rejuvenated Releases: Writing a Punchy Press Release

For your PR Toolbox

How will you become a successful PR person? Know your resources! Familiarizing yourself with websites and software relevant to the industry gives you an edge over the less-informed PR pro.AddThis:Social media platforms improve PR campaigns by providing a means to reach and engage an interactive audience. But to be effective, PR people are itching to … Continue reading For your PR Toolbox