Interview Moves (Like Jagger)

Winter break is quickly approaching and with it comes prime job hunting time.When it comes to the interview, we've had posts on how to land one, proper attire, and even informational interviews. However, we haven't given as much attention to the body language we use. We know that body language speaks just as loudly as … Continue reading Interview Moves (Like Jagger)

Say ‘Yes’ to the… First Job Offer?

As graduation looms, the class of 2014, along with myself, have been anxiously awaiting that "first job" offer. When that offer letter finally arrives, however, the stress and anxiety sets in. You ask yourself, "Is this the right decision?" Or, "Will I be happy at this company?" A whole series of questions and emotions will … Continue reading Say ‘Yes’ to the… First Job Offer?

From ABCs to Can I Get A Job Please?

With the start of 2012 comes the start of my official job search and anyone else who is graduating this May. Its hard to believe how quickly time can fly. Sometimes it feels as if it was just yesterday when I was enjoying cookies and nap time in Ms. Wright's kindergarten class. When looking for … Continue reading From ABCs to Can I Get A Job Please?

Resume Tips Off the Beaten Path

With a job search looming ahead in the next few months, soon-to-be college graduates are reading every article and piece of advice on how to create the perfect resume that will land their first entry-level position. With so many tips and tricks floating around the internet, this article caught my attention because it provides three … Continue reading Resume Tips Off the Beaten Path

Mastering the Informational Interview

As a public relations major who graduates in May, I am incredibly eager to begin the job search. However, with many positions looking to be filled immediately and the recommended application process starting in March, that leaves me with five months to perfect my resume, build my network of professionals and start the informational interview … Continue reading Mastering the Informational Interview

Temple PRSSA Alumni Panel

Yesterday during Temple PRSSA's general meeting, members were given the opportunity to ask questions to former chapter members who have found great success in their post-graduate careers. The panel featured former PRSSA presidents Lindsay Bues (Public Relations Coordinator at Philabundance) and Jessica Lawlor (Internal Communication Coordinator at Cancer Treatment Centers of America) as well as … Continue reading Temple PRSSA Alumni Panel

PRSSA National Conference: Building a Personal Brand

This past weekend, three members from PRowl: Jaime Scofield, Evan Nicholson and myself as well as Temple PRSSA president, Jade Barnes attended the 2010 PRSSA National Conference in Washington, D.C. Throughout the weekend we had the opportunity to grow as young public relations professionals and connect with fellow PR students across the country.One of the … Continue reading PRSSA National Conference: Building a Personal Brand

14 Days Into My First "Real" Job

Here I am almost done with my third full week of my "real" job and time is flying by. After the whirlwind of my last semester at Temple, graduation and post-graduation travel, I thought starting my full-time job would allow me to feel like my life was slowing down. Oh, I was so wrong.My first … Continue reading 14 Days Into My First "Real" Job