The Forefronts of Fashion Social Media

Fashion, while a form of expression and uniqueness, is extremely superficial. The industry is all about appearance, and the creatives who design collections are always competing against one another to see who comes out on top in terms of creativity, innovation, and indulgence. That’s why, when looking for social media and branding inspiration, fashion accounts … Continue reading The Forefronts of Fashion Social Media

Summer Internship Fashion

So, we have posted a blog directing our readers in the most fashionable way when it comes to dressing to impress for your summer internship interview. Although the first impression is most dreaded, some may wonder how to upkeep their professional and cool look all summer long. Philadelphia is no stranger to summer heat waves, … Continue reading Summer Internship Fashion

How To: Dress For A Summer Interview

With the temperature rising as we continue into the summer season, dressing for summer interviews gets a bit tricky. Summer is the season of bright colors, short-shorts, light tank tops and airy sundresses. Interviews call for dark hues, stiff blazers, long pants and stuffy button-down shirts. The best advice I have ever received in regards … Continue reading How To: Dress For A Summer Interview