Museums Receive a Social Media Makeover

I have a confession to make: I am a museum geek. Ever since I visited the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. for my third grade field trip, I've been hooked. Yesterday, I took a day trip to D.C., a museum-lover's paradise, and hit up a few of the free Smithsonian buildings. During my trip, … Continue reading Museums Receive a Social Media Makeover

Breaking Up with Facebook Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

If you know even a little bit about social media, you have probably heard about the popular social media site, Facebook and their ever-changing design. It seems like just when you get used to the older version, the site is changing your settings once again.With the recent conversion to the Timeline format, my mini feed … Continue reading Breaking Up with Facebook Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Will Brands Follow the Timeline Switch?

Last Tuesday, Facebook announced that all individual users will soon be automatically switched over to the Timeline layout, if they haven't already made the change. Facebook first introduced the layout as a way for users to visually tell the story of their lives. But while individual pages are switching, brand pages are not safe for … Continue reading Will Brands Follow the Timeline Switch?

Navigating Your Way Through Facebook Insights

Insights is a Facebook application for Pages that provides metrics about your user demographics and their interactions. Knowing your demographic is extremely important when targeting your messages. By having a clear idea of who your target audience is, you have a better chance of providing interactive content.  Facebook Insights are located on the left hand side bar of your … Continue reading Navigating Your Way Through Facebook Insights

Social Media Sparks #SmallBizSaturday Buzz

While millions of shoppers are still running from store to store, sixth Red Bull in hand, taking advantage of the Black Friday sales, Twitter is buzzing with talk of tomorrow's Small Business Saturday sponsored by American Express.Launched last year by AmEx in the hopes of developing a stronger connection between consumers and their local mom … Continue reading Social Media Sparks #SmallBizSaturday Buzz

Why Facebook Won’t Land You a Job

I have bad news for every marketing and public relations student: having social media skills will not guarantee you a job, and unfortunately, it doesn’t make you special. I hope this isn’t news to you, but if it is, listen up. According to Brain Walton, the editor-in-chief of GeekChicDaily, “Social media is shifting from a … Continue reading Why Facebook Won’t Land You a Job

Improving your Facebook Event Planning

Nearly all Facebook users can sympathize with the fact that we all get numerous event invites over the course of the day. Do you reply that you're attending these events? Maybe. Do you actually attend them? Most likely not, unless it is held by one of your friends or sponsored by an organization you are … Continue reading Improving your Facebook Event Planning

Better Safe Than Sorry

How did you keep updated about Hurricane Irene? Was it Twitter, Facebook or the good old fashion news? I know it is emphasized how much we rely on social media as a primary news source but the proof is in the pudding. During the hurricane I personally was checking both Twitter and Facebook to keep … Continue reading Better Safe Than Sorry

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Twitter – Oh My!

On Tuesday afternoon, an earthquake shook the nerves of everyone on the east coast. After running out of my apartment building with my two cats thinking the problem lay solely with my building and not the rest of the coast, I jumped on Twitter to tweet about the oddity of my situation. However, to my … Continue reading Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Twitter – Oh My!

Oops!: Social Media Mistakes by Nonprofits

Social media is an incredibly beneficial tool for nonprofits...when used correctly. With an incredible amount of channels available at your fingertips, it is important to understand how to properly use them in order to retain the highest level of ROI for your organization. As an intern for several nonprofits, I have seen organizations struggle with … Continue reading Oops!: Social Media Mistakes by Nonprofits