WTF is Peach?

You’ve probably heard about the latest social media app, Peach, but are wondering what exactly it is? Trying to learn about it from online research was only making me more confused, so I figured I would learn by doing. Long gone are the days of Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines. Peach’s “timeline” is considered … Continue reading WTF is Peach?

It’s Weird That I’m Professional?

Because the public relations industry is slowly becoming synonymous with social media, we've been asked to "grow up" a little faster than our peers might have to. Our Twitter accounts have been spotless for years and Facebooks wiped clean, while our friends still post drinking pictures every weekend. I'll be the first to admit that … Continue reading It’s Weird That I’m Professional?

Social Media Lessons from the Grammy Awards

Award shows are a prime time to use social media and build your brand, be it personal, product, or otherwise.  You're automatically included in a celebrity-crazed social community when you utilize whatever hashtag is related to the show.  This past Sunday, several brands (local and national) were live tweeting the Grammy Awards along with the … Continue reading Social Media Lessons from the Grammy Awards

Smartphone Dependency Syndrome: It’s Real

Have you ever told yourself that you need to put your iPhone away?  You tell yourself you'll put it down for the next thirty minutes   You feel like you are being super productive and it starts to feel as if it has been hours since you last checked it. You think about all the texts, tweets … Continue reading Smartphone Dependency Syndrome: It’s Real

We Are the Twenty Percent!

In the world of business, ROI is everything. In order to increase your ROI, you need to ensure you are delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the correct channel. Online, there are seven types of audiences: altruists, selectives, passionates, connectors, trendspotters, provocateurs, and careerists.Of these consumers, only 20% are high sharers, active … Continue reading We Are the Twenty Percent!

The Social Celeb

When it comes to social media, how celebrities use their accounts is really no different than the rest of the world. However, their communities, reach and relevance is much more prevalent and on a much larger scale. When a celebrity tweets or makes a status update it is literally “heard” around the world. Celebrities can … Continue reading The Social Celeb

Facebook and Twitter are NOT Reliable Sources

In highs school you were taught that Research Paper Rule #1 was “credible websites end in .org, .edu, and .net.”  While there can be some debate on that topic seeing as major news sources such as CNN and MSNBC have websites ending in .com, there is still something to be said about which websites are … Continue reading Facebook and Twitter are NOT Reliable Sources

Social Media And The Olympics.

Social Media has created quite the stir for the 2012 Olympics. Many of us around the globe follow our favorite athletes on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Originally, the Olympics were covered in and you received updates via print. After the invention of the television, the Olympics, beginning in 1964, were broadcasted live all … Continue reading Social Media And The Olympics.

Facebook’s Pocket Change

Just yesterday, Facebook announced that they purchased the young start-up, Instagram for the price of $1 billion in cash and shares.With the growth of mobile use for social media sites like Facebook, it is not surprising that they are taking advantage of their wealth to enhance their photo-uploading features with a program like Instagram. Based … Continue reading Facebook’s Pocket Change

Are Social Media Sites too Feminine?

With the growth of social media use and social networking over the past decade, it is easy to examine today which sites, if any, are geared towards a specific sex. A recent article from ABC News questioned social media sites and if they are too feminine for male users.Surprisingly enough, while Facebook has an overwhelming … Continue reading Are Social Media Sites too Feminine?