Cover Events Like a PRo

As the summer approaches and the opportunity to attend events widens for you, you may want to share your experience. When you present event coverage, you want to make your audience feel like they're at the event with you. Whether it's a conference, networking or special event, here are a few tips that will help … Continue reading Cover Events Like a PRo

PR at the Awards

This weekend celebrated the 31st Annual MTV Video Music Awards and the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.The Emmy Award acknowledges those who excel in the television industry, with nominees for categories such as Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress - Miniseries or a Movie, and more, while the VMAs recognize those who excel … Continue reading PR at the Awards

Lessons In Event Planning

If you search “Event Planning” in Google, you get flooded with links to hundreds of party planners and extravagant wedding photos. For the past year, I was given the opportunity to intern as a Public Relations intern for an office that puts on some of Philadelphia’s largest events, none of which entailed a wedding or … Continue reading Lessons In Event Planning

That’s Logistics

“You have to think about the event logistically. Where will the press stand and how will we separate them from the attendees? And we need to remember to tape down that microphone wire. These are things they don’t teach you in class!” A PR veteran at my former internship was always trying to pass on … Continue reading That’s Logistics

Live-Tweeting Tips

With a few national and regional conferences under my belt, I have truly embraced live-tweeting. It is a really easy way to generate meaningful content for your Twitter account - if it is done well. Be sure to keep the following tips in mind, provided by this PR Daily article, to ensure you are adding … Continue reading Live-Tweeting Tips

The Truth About Event Planning

No matter what kind of public relations you end up doing there will be a time when you have to plan an event.  It might be a facility opening, product reveal, press conference, or even a media cocktail party.  Whatever the occasion, there is a lot that goes into an event from the guest list to pitching its details.  … Continue reading The Truth About Event Planning

The Unspoken Rules to Surviving the Semester

My brother started his freshman year of college this August. Being his older sister, I have always felt the need to look out and protect my brother. I do not want him to feel completely overwhelmed with work in a new place with total strangers. I thought about what I wished somebody had told me … Continue reading The Unspoken Rules to Surviving the Semester

PRSSA National Leadership Rally Recap

This past weekend I had the pleasure to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona to represent Temple’s chapter of PRSSA at PRSSA National Leadership Rally! The weekend was filled with incredible speakers, breakout sessions that left you feeling more motivated than ever, and almost 100 eager PRSSA Presidents, ready to take their chapter to the next level! … Continue reading PRSSA National Leadership Rally Recap

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

“Prior planning prevents poor performance” is what one of my high school teachers told me in class one day about three years ago. This quote was drilled into my head and has been in the back of my mind ever since. I never truly understood the importance of what he was telling me until college. … Continue reading Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Networking: PRowl & PRSA Philadelphia

Networking is essential in the public relations industry. Effective networking goes well beyond introducing yourself and shaking hands. The ability to make valuable connections with industry professionals well before your job search begins is crucial in today's world.  Get to know local organizations within the field that plan events in which networking can take place. … Continue reading Networking: PRowl & PRSA Philadelphia