Searching Across Country

The last semester of your senior year is a hectic one without the added stress of the job search. I have added the additional hardship of searching for a job in Los Angeles and not in Philadelphia or even on the East Coast. Searching for a job located 3,000 miles away makes the process a … Continue reading Searching Across Country

Fundraising for a Cause

One of the main reasons a business exists is to make money. Charitable non-profit organizations often face the challenge of making enough money to provide their services, but the basic goal of non-profit organizations is still to make money. My entrepreneurial marketing class this semester challenged students to raise money on behalf of a cause … Continue reading Fundraising for a Cause

To Follow Up or To Not Follow Up

As a last semester senior it is job search time! As I mail, email and submit resumes and cover letters left and right, I have been wondering if it is appropriate to follow up after sending a resume. So I took to the Internet to conduct some research on whether or not I should follow … Continue reading To Follow Up or To Not Follow Up

New York Times Digital Subscription

I received an email earlier this week from The New York Times sent to all readers. Thursday marked the day The New York Times introduced digital subscriptions. Readers and media professionals alike have been awaiting the day a major newspaper would introduce subscriptions for readers to access its online content. The email says, "It's an … Continue reading New York Times Digital Subscription

Google One Pass

Google has taken a subtle stab at Apple. The internet search giant unveiled One Pass, its new Android prescription model. One Pass is a direct competitor to Apple's recently launched App Store subscription service. Without directly announcing its new product is meant to compete with Apple, Google has designed a service that will surely outdo … Continue reading Google One Pass

Twitter For Sale?

According to multiple sources, including the Guardian and several blogs, Twitter is holding discussions with potential buyers to sell the micro-blogging site. It is a rare day when you learn mega-companies are being taken over or up for sale. Is Twitter one of those mega-companies, though?Twitter was launched only a little over four years ago. … Continue reading Twitter For Sale?

How to Use Twitter to Help Find a Job

As a last semester senior, the pressure is on to find a job for after graduation in May. In this slowly recovering economy, students need to utilize any means necessary to look for job opportunities. That includes using social media to connect with potential employers and search for job openings. I posted a Tweet yesterday … Continue reading How to Use Twitter to Help Find a Job

Volunteering for Events

PRowl Public Relations staff members have encouraged students to volunteer. Volunteering at an organization or an agency is a great way to gain experience in public relations without having an internship. Even if you do have an internship, volunteering is a way to gain additional experience on the side. Volunteering for events allows you to … Continue reading Volunteering for Events

Twitter Gets Sued

What is your first reaction to hearing the statement "Twitter gets sued?" Mine was something along the lines of, "If Twitter turns into Facebook..." and my thoughts trailed off into various options of what I would do if my favorite social media site was to turn into the controversial social media giant. Facebook is well … Continue reading Twitter Gets Sued