The Diverse Definitions of Diversification

"Diversification remains one of the most fundamental investing principles, and it’s often one of the most misunderstood," says Carl Richards, a writer for The New York Times whose primary focus is the stock market. Investors typically view stocks as individual entities instead of groupings or as a collective whole. We often neglect how individual stocks … Continue reading The Diverse Definitions of Diversification

False Investor Apprehension Upon Jobs’ Resignation

It comes as little surprise that Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple led to an immediate drop in the value of the technological powerhouse’s stock value. Jobs has been the face and perceivably the brain behind Apple from its genesis, taking it from a start up computer company to the innovative giant that it … Continue reading False Investor Apprehension Upon Jobs’ Resignation

The EPI Blog Team

Every summer, the Philadelphia Youth Network, Inc. coordinates and runs a program aimed at providing high school students with the opportunity to gain real life work experience in a variety of industries. The Employer Paid Internship Program connects a select number of young adults with employers, giving the youth a chance to see what today’s … Continue reading The EPI Blog Team

Perception Matters

Establishing the proper message and creating the right perception of your organization is crucial to developing and maintaining a positive relationship with a community. Joey’s Mini Mart, a small corner store located in a quiet, pleasant neighborhood in Scottsville, New York, a couple miles away from the Rochester Institute of Technology, opened for business less … Continue reading Perception Matters

Musicians and Social Media

Social media has forever revolutionized how we communicate with one another. Whether it is for personal reasons, business efforts, or promotion, social media has positioned itself as the dominant means of communication for a wide range of industries. The music world has not been immune to this shift. The rapid growth of social media has … Continue reading Musicians and Social Media

How I Took Advantage of Networking

Coming into this semester, I knew I needed to find an internship for the summer. Having never had an internship, or anything resembling a “white collar” job, I found myself very apprehensive and was unsure of how to separate myself from other applicants. How could I, an inexperienced student with limited exposure to the profession … Continue reading How I Took Advantage of Networking

The NFL Drops the Ball

The Super Bowl is one of the largest sports spectacles in the world. Around 111 million television viewers looked on as the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers battled for football glory. An additional 103,219 spectators saw the game live from Cowboys Stadium in North Texas. But due to poor planning, the stadium was … Continue reading The NFL Drops the Ball