How to engage Millennials

Who runs the world? Millennials! Sorry Queen Bey, Millennials make up one-third of our population today, making the largest generation represented. With that being said, it’s nearly impossible for brands and marketers not to think about marketing this group since they control most of the market share. Millennials are vastly different from any other generation. … Continue reading How to engage Millennials

Ways To Embrace Your Audience

Blogging is about interaction.  While it’s great to deliver fantastic content, or have a brilliant style of writing, it’s seemingly useless if you don’t have strong followers to communicate with.  The purpose of blogging is to convey information to your readers and encourage conversation.  It is imperative, then, as a blogger, to make those who … Continue reading Ways To Embrace Your Audience

6 Steps to a Successful #TwitterChat

Thanks to social media, we can now connect with our audiences without venues, catering services, or formal invites.A Twitter chat is similar to any online chat where users log on at the same time to discuss a common topic. These chats are a great way to bring together a large audience without the hassles of … Continue reading 6 Steps to a Successful #TwitterChat To Allow Comment or Not to Allow Comments

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Re-thinking Engagement

A recent article in, "Are we killing them with engagement?” got me thinking about the approach PR professionals take when engaging with those using social media. Which leads me to share this new fact: Facebook users are beginning to "un-like" business pages. I have been told by multiple professors and PR professionals that engaging … Continue reading Re-thinking Engagement