How to Handle Rejection

I'm not talking about getting turned down for a date--you'll have to go to another blog for advice on that one. I'm talking about job rejection. Whether you're about to graduate and applying for your first full-time position, you're an eager student applying for summer internships, or you're just looking to make a career change, … Continue reading How to Handle Rejection

Spend Spring Break Thinking About Post-Grad

Spring break is the perfect time to start thinking about post-grad opportunities. You finally have some free time to start planning your course of action. Grad school? Full-time internship? Full-time job? Travel? Move back home? The possibilities are endless to the point where soon-to-be graduates are practically drowning in them. If you're anything like me … Continue reading Spend Spring Break Thinking About Post-Grad

Intern vs. Employee: Whose Job is Harder?

You might think there is an obvious answer to this question and wonder why I'm bringing it to debate at all.  It seems like a no brainer, why would a part-time (or even full-time) intern have a harder job than someone actually employed by the company? Let's break it down: Employee 40 hour work week … Continue reading Intern vs. Employee: Whose Job is Harder?

The Death of the Unpaid Intern

Last week, The Atlantic Wire posted an article that questioned if the days of unpaid internships are numbered. Two interns who worked on the movie Black Swan sued 20th Century Fox for not paying them a proper salary...and won. You can read more about the details of the lawsuit here. While that’s an amazing outcome … Continue reading The Death of the Unpaid Intern

Perfecting Professional Pages

As aspiring professionals, it is crucial to our potential careers to always keep our social media accounts clean in the event that a future employer would look for them. Because of their popularity, I have outlined some tips for Facebook and Twitter to keep in mind before you permanently put information associated with your name … Continue reading Perfecting Professional Pages