Goodbye (for now)!

I can't believe this is my last blog post, and essentially my last day at PRowl Public Relations. I have been part of PRowl for the last three years, and have blogged every Monday for the last two. What is life without PRowl!? What are Mondays without blogging?While it is sad to leave, I am … Continue reading Goodbye (for now)!

Check out #twitterchats

I have been a Twitter user for over two years now. After I signed up for my Twitter account, I began to build my network of public relations and communications professionals on the site. I soon began to observe what has now become a Twitter phenomenon: Twitter chats.I was always interested in these chats, but … Continue reading Check out #twitterchats

Be Professional!

"I don't want to delete your press release, but sometimes I feel like you're forcing me to," said Chloe Thompson, an assistant editor at TMG.How can you make sure yours isn't one of the releases that's getting deleted? In an article for Ragan's PR Daily, Thompson advises against five bad habits. In her article, Thompson … Continue reading Be Professional!

Networking: the basics

Whether you are graduating and searching for a job or just starting college, it is important to build your professional network. Oftentimes, though, the idea of talking to complete strangers can be uncomfortable."Networking can be intimidating, especially if you've never done it before," says's Jessica Levco. If you have apprehension about networking, Levco offers … Continue reading Networking: the basics

It’s all about accomplishments

As I prepare for graduation in May, I have been working on updating my resume. I have always been told the importance of quantifying things in my resume where ever possible. However, I'm not always sure of exactly how to incorporate numbers and I have had many conversations with friends and peers struggling with the … Continue reading It’s all about accomplishments


The Federal Trade Commission has been cracking down on companies that are not forthcoming about paying for their endorsements. In 2009, the FTC adopted guidelines "making clear that many of the rules that apply to advertising and testimonials in the print world are still going to carry weight in the sometimes confusing and chaotic world … Continue reading Disclose!

Think critically!

As a student of public relations, I have learned a lot about crafting messages that will be received by both internal and external audiences. My coursework has also stressed the importance of being an active and critical consumer of the media.I recently received an email from my credit card company encouraging me to donate to … Continue reading Think critically!

Pitching? Consider pop culture

I was reading through my PRSA Issues & Trends e-mail the other day, and a featured story caught my eye: "How Dwight Schrute Helped Me Place a Story in TIME." As an avid fan of "The Office" and a person who finds Dwight's character to be hilarious, I clicked on the link and read the … Continue reading Pitching? Consider pop culture

Trying to rest? Give your eyes a break

It seems as though there are never enough hours in a day. Chances are, your waking activities and daytime responsibilities have a tendency to bleed into your sleep time. At this point in the semester, mine certainly are!Do you check your e-mail or play around on your smart phone or tablet before bed? Are you … Continue reading Trying to rest? Give your eyes a break

Public speaking: all about your mindset

In your public speaking class or in your personal experiences, have you ever been encouraged to approach your speaking from an acting mindset? In his blog post for the Harvard Business Review, Peter Bubriski points out that public speaking classes have borrowed many of their techniques from the acting profession in recent years."[T]he energy and … Continue reading Public speaking: all about your mindset