Perfecting Professional Pages

As aspiring professionals, it is crucial to our potential careers to always keep our social media accounts clean in the event that a future employer would look for them. Because of their popularity, I have outlined some tips for Facebook and Twitter to keep in mind before you permanently put information associated with your name … Continue reading Perfecting Professional Pages

A New Audience for Nestle

In any campaign, when you craft a message it is necessary to identify your audiences. This remains true even if your audience happens to have wet noses and wagging tails. This is the case with Nestle, a major pet food supplier.They recently launched their first television commercial that is tailored to appeal to dogs and … Continue reading A New Audience for Nestle

I’m Sorry…I Think?

One of the most important things executives think about during a time of crisis is how they (and their organization) are going to make it right. While there have been many successful apologies that have rectified the situation and earned the company a credible name, there are those select few that stick out as major … Continue reading I’m Sorry…I Think?

Students and Social Media–Uncensored!

With the enormous growth of social media use, teens are taking advantage of their First Amendment rights with constant status updates and blog posts. While they are enjoying their free speech, their teachers may not feel the same way. A new Knight Foundation study concluded that teens' uncensored use of Facebook and Tumblr is not … Continue reading Students and Social Media–Uncensored!

Improving your Facebook Event Planning

Nearly all Facebook users can sympathize with the fact that we all get numerous event invites over the course of the day. Do you reply that you're attending these events? Maybe. Do you actually attend them? Most likely not, unless it is held by one of your friends or sponsored by an organization you are … Continue reading Improving your Facebook Event Planning

How Social Media Can Help your Job Hunt

A recent article from Forbes outlines social media tips that could potentially help you in your job hunt. According to the article, two-thirds of adult internet users are taking advantage of social networking sites, which is more than double that reported using these sites in 2008. Below I have listed some of the tips the … Continue reading How Social Media Can Help your Job Hunt

Writing the Perfect Email Pitch

With hundreds of emails piling up in journalist's inboxes daily, it is necessary to have a well-crafted pitch to make sure your story stands out. Below I have outlined some things to keep in mind before you hit the send button. Think of who you are pitching. While you may have a very well-written and … Continue reading Writing the Perfect Email Pitch

Public Relations vs. Journalism

Originally starting my college career as a journalism major, I have been asked countless times why I switched to public relations and how it differs from journalism. While there are similarities that require journalists and public relations professionals to coexist, there are a number of differences that need to be highlighted if a journalist was … Continue reading Public Relations vs. Journalism