Social Media Trends for 2012

As social media continues to grow, we can take a look at a few of the trends that will make it big in the new year.1. Influence. Everyone seems to be on social media today, with sites such as Klout where we can "measure" our influence online on certain topics. This will turn into a … Continue reading Social Media Trends for 2012

There’s a New Procrastination Tool in Town

While we all love wasting time on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is rapidly catching up to it's online competitors.Needing a personal invite from a Pinterest member to join, the photo sharing site allows users to "pin" to manage your themed image collections. Just like Facebook, you can "friend" other users and "like" pins that they … Continue reading There’s a New Procrastination Tool in Town

A Year’s Review in Crisis Communications

As 2011 quickly comes to a close, I realize I have written several blog posts this year concerning Crisis PR. To wrap-up the semester, I'd like to include a short recap of some of the more popular cases that have affected how we all see crisis communications today.Netflix: When they split their business, there was … Continue reading A Year’s Review in Crisis Communications

Saving More with Social Media

After the Thanksgiving break, it almost seems as though Black Friday (or should I say Thursday, Friday, Saturday) shopping has taken consumers by storm this holiday season. With the use of social media sites, stores took their advertising to another level. Shoppers could be notified of the latest sales and even better deals on big-ticket … Continue reading Saving More with Social Media

WE ARE…in need of Crisis Management.

With the current scandal surrounding the sexual abuse allegations by Penn State's former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, it is crucial to observe how the University handled the situation from a PR standpoint. Some events stand out specifically in the beginning stages of the case that have continually failed for the University.Before the news of the … Continue reading WE ARE…in need of Crisis Management.

Customizing your Social Media Approach

When you think social media, most individuals or companies will assume if they have a Facebook fan page, Twitter account and maybe even a blog, they'll be A OK when reaching their audience. Wrong! In order to effectively use social media, you need to first identify your goals rather than creating these pages that could … Continue reading Customizing your Social Media Approach

Choosing your Next Internship

As the deadline for spring internship applications gets closer and closer, aspiring professionals need to be picky before they send out their resumes and cover letters to a number of places. Below I have outlined some things to keep in mind to help you find the perfect place for you to hone your skills next … Continue reading Choosing your Next Internship

How NOT to Get Hired-Resumania Part II

Working off of Niki's recent blog post about resume tips from PRSSA National Conference, I want to clarify items aspiring professionals may not even realize are hurting their odds of getting hired.Keep it relevant. While it may make your resume longer, don't include jobs you held in high school or some of your first, basic … Continue reading How NOT to Get Hired-Resumania Part II

Perception Trumps Reality in Crisis Communication #PRSSANC

Returning from PRSSA National Conference in Orlando, I have been reflecting on the most beneficial session I attended. On our second day Richard Levick, President and CEO of Levick Strategic Communications, came to speak with us about his experience in crisis communications. Below I have outlined some of the tips he shared with us that … Continue reading Perception Trumps Reality in Crisis Communication #PRSSANC