#WhatShouldWeCallMe? My Last Blog Post!

As this is my last post for the PRowl blog, I find myself looking back on the semester and the hard work myself and the rest of the PRowl team has done to provide readers with useful, informative posts. Aside from professionalism, blogs can be entertaining as well (Gasp!). My final post will focus on … Continue reading #WhatShouldWeCallMe? My Last Blog Post!

PRowl’s Seniors

PRowl is so PRoud of our seniors!Doug Bennett (Account Executive &Director of Finance)Doug is currently interviewing for corporate communications positions and is now an intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. During the summer, Doug will begin studying for the LSATs and then apply to law schools.Emily Ascani (Assistant Firm Director) Emily will be continuing to intern … Continue reading PRowl’s Seniors

Getting the Best Info from your Informational Interview

As a soon-to-be college graduate, (eek!) the job search is in full-force and I have my first informational interview today. While it could seem self-explanatory, it is important to have a focus so you create a professional image for yourself while getting valuable information about a company/position. Even if they currently don't have any jobs … Continue reading Getting the Best Info from your Informational Interview

Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!

With the enormous growth of smart phones, nearly half of Americans are receiving their local news via mobile devices. We've seen the changing industry of print journalism, making transitions to subscription-based online accounts and many news outlets creating a presence for themselves on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (at least if they … Continue reading Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!

Tips to Tackle your Job Hunt

From experience, I know that looking for a job after graduation can seem like a full-time job in itself. Balancing classes, work, interning and everything else the tips I have outlined below really come in handy:Be realistic. You know yourself and your skill set, keep them in mind when applying for jobs so that you … Continue reading Tips to Tackle your Job Hunt

Facebook’s Pocket Change

Just yesterday, Facebook announced that they purchased the young start-up, Instagram for the price of $1 billion in cash and shares.With the growth of mobile use for social media sites like Facebook, it is not surprising that they are taking advantage of their wealth to enhance their photo-uploading features with a program like Instagram. Based … Continue reading Facebook’s Pocket Change

Are Social Media Sites too Feminine?

With the growth of social media use and social networking over the past decade, it is easy to examine today which sites, if any, are geared towards a specific sex. A recent article from ABC News questioned social media sites and if they are too feminine for male users.Surprisingly enough, while Facebook has an overwhelming … Continue reading Are Social Media Sites too Feminine?

Social Media Leads Social Activism: Trayvon Martin Movement

Many people weren't aware of Trayvon Martin's tragic death at the young age of 17 in Sanford, Florida earlier this month. After online petitions, tweets and Facebook posts, awareness has skyrocketed and a social movement has formed.Martin had been shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer while he had only a bag of Skittles … Continue reading Social Media Leads Social Activism: Trayvon Martin Movement

Lionsgate plays the Marketing Game for "The Hunger Games"

May the odds ever be in your favor...especially if you're on the marketing team for what is sure to be a movie phenomenon, the Hunger Games, which come out this Friday in theaters. Overshadowing Twilight, the Hunger Games is projected to have opening-weekend sales of about $90 million, according to the New York Times. The … Continue reading Lionsgate plays the Marketing Game for "The Hunger Games"

Getting Social with your Google Search

Always trying to generate the most relevant search results for users, Google is becoming a more social site. With the introduction of Google+, they have been able to incorporate your personal connections into your search results. Below I have outlined some of Google's recent updates:When you are logged into Google+, Personal Results are included in … Continue reading Getting Social with your Google Search