Nuts for the Nutshell

One of the first emails the student body received at the beginning of the new school year from Temple University was from the “Nutshell.” Like many, I was intrigued when this appeared in my inbox on my iPhone. The unfamiliar name and catchy subject line led me to read on. The Nutshell described itself as … Continue reading Nuts for the Nutshell

Email Etiquette

When working in the communications field, it is impossible to avoid sending emails all day long. Some are to co-workers and can be more casual but others need to be professional for media outreach or to clients. It is very important to learn email etiquette now when emailing professors and potential employers and to carry … Continue reading Email Etiquette

Organize Your Inbox

In the world of public relations, emails flood your inbox constantly from co-workers, clients, the media, venues, newsletters and of course, marketing emails from stores. It is easy to ignore your inbox for a day and come back to 300 unread messages. While this can be very overwhelming, there are some simple steps to filter … Continue reading Organize Your Inbox

Holiday Shopping in Your Inbox

Prepare for an inbox of coupons and promo codes this holiday season. We've taken e-mail for granted. We use it most often for business purposes rather than personal purposes, but it remains a tactic for marketing professionals everywhere.  E-blasts, promotional codes, weekly updates, and blog content are all sent out as attention-grabbers via e-mail. (Source: … Continue reading Holiday Shopping in Your Inbox

Three Things No One Tells You About PR

Coming into college as a PR major, I had no idea what to expect. Of course, I knew that having strong writing skills was a necessity and that my life wouldn’t be anything like that of Samantha Jones, but there were many unknowns I faced. Now a second-semester sophomore, I have faced the beginning trials … Continue reading Three Things No One Tells You About PR

Email Etiquette 101

Compulsively checking your email account is one thing every PR professional can relate to. Emails are a constant form of communication and it is important to know how to efficiently write one. Below are 4 of my favorite tips for writing an exceptional email: 1. Get straight the to point. Reading more than one is … Continue reading Email Etiquette 101

Please Touch Me – Tips for a Strong Subject Line

We see hundreds of emails in a week, at least a hundred in one day, and we are exposed to over 5,000 messages. That’s a lot to take in! So how do you get your email read instead of having it ignored? It all starts with the subject line! The subject line is no doubt … Continue reading Please Touch Me – Tips for a Strong Subject Line

6 Ways To Avoid Email Overwhelm

Most professionals have a love/hate relationship with their email inboxes. Between never ending email threads and an ever growing number in the 'unread' column, it is easy to feel that your inbox is taking over your professional, or even personal, life. Luckily, there are easy ways to regain control of your inbox. Here are six … Continue reading 6 Ways To Avoid Email Overwhelm

Email Inbox Etiquette

An email inbox can be overwhelming. Especially in the generation of text messages and tweets, answering emails can seem very time consuming. As an aspiring PR professional, realize you will be relying on email a lot. Winter break is a great time to get organized and catch up! Although email is a great tool, it … Continue reading Email Inbox Etiquette

Death of the Press Release

If there's one thing that reporters always say it's that they're busy. They're constantly under deadline and their phones are ringing off the hook. They don't have time to read lengthy pitches. The key is to keep it short, sweet and to the point. The age of social media in which we've found ourselves has … Continue reading Death of the Press Release