We Are the Twenty Percent!

In the world of business, ROI is everything. In order to increase your ROI, you need to ensure you are delivering the right message, to the right audience, through the correct channel. Online, there are seven types of audiences: altruists, selectives, passionates, connectors, trendspotters, provocateurs, and careerists.Of these consumers, only 20% are high sharers, active … Continue reading We Are the Twenty Percent!

Email Is Still King

Like everything else, public relations is a business. And in any business, communication is key. Although email is not hip compared to the social media tools of our time, email still rules in business communication. Email is vital to the success of a business and aspiring PR pros should know that email should is their number … Continue reading Email Is Still King

Gmail: Keeping You Sane Through Labels

Thanks to the power of the iPhone I have access to my email virtually 24 hours a day, but with my organizations, school and work, I have a messy inbox.Gmail has a variety of ways to keep your inbox organized with labels. Labels allow you to color coat and categorize emails from different people or … Continue reading Gmail: Keeping You Sane Through Labels

How To: Write a Professional Email Part II

When PRowl launched its blog over three years ago, a staff member blogged about tips for writing a professional email. Nobody would have guessed that three years later it would remain our top blog post with over 180 views a day and over 10,000 views in total. It has been an ongoing joke with staff … Continue reading How To: Write a Professional Email Part II

Avoiding all-too-common PR Snafus

One of the most important things to do when writing press releases, emails, pitches, etc. is to proofread. Error-free writing is a must when trying to get your writing picked up by journalists. In order to help you steer clear of errors, here are some things to keep in mind when sending information to the … Continue reading Avoiding all-too-common PR Snafus

Writing the Perfect Email Pitch

With hundreds of emails piling up in journalist's inboxes daily, it is necessary to have a well-crafted pitch to make sure your story stands out. Below I have outlined some things to keep in mind before you hit the send button. Think of who you are pitching. While you may have a very well-written and … Continue reading Writing the Perfect Email Pitch

What’s in Your Email Signature Line?

We have all seen them. Those annoying email signatures that take up more space than the email itself, with crazy fonts and colors, irrelevant quotes from past leaders and crazy clip art inserts. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my email signature and it has certainly evolved from my freshman year's:Niki IanniFuture … Continue reading What’s in Your Email Signature Line?