Voting With Your Apps

The Republican National Convention generated over 4,000,000 tweets throughout its duration.  That high number of tweets may have had something to do with the new apps that iPhone and iPad users can download that allow them to stay up-to-date with the campaign.  These apps also allow them to also sync their Twitter and Facebook accounts.  … Continue reading Voting With Your Apps

Election 2012 as a PR Learning Tool

Whether you’re a political news junkie or someone who has never really had interest in Washington, as a PR student it is important to pay close attention to this election season. So many skills we use in PR will be put to use by candidates over the next seven months, and it is important that … Continue reading Election 2012 as a PR Learning Tool

Spotting Persuasion Tricks This Election Season

As election season looms, there are ads and debates everywhere telling us which person is better suited to run our country. Many Americans watch these ads and tune in to the debates, but they don’t really see what is right in front of them. Politicians have been stereotyped as tricksters, and it might not necessarily … Continue reading Spotting Persuasion Tricks This Election Season

Compromise Ahead of Elections? What’s the catch?

The United States House of Representatives and Senate passed a year-long extension of the payroll tax cut last Friday, Feb. 17, marking another legislative victory for President Obama ahead of the 2012 elections. Want to know the best part? The bill was passed through with bipartisan support and a hefty helping of compromise. Crazy, huh?The … Continue reading Compromise Ahead of Elections? What’s the catch?

Santorum to Receive the Thrash Metal Vote?

“You take a mortal manAnd put him in control Watch him become a god Watch peoples’ heads a ‘roll” Those are the lyrics of Megadeth’s front man Dave Mustaine, who also happens to be Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s latest fan. Mustaine wants to put Santorum in control. The Megadeth front man endorsed Santorum to … Continue reading Santorum to Receive the Thrash Metal Vote?

Election Media Coverage Goes Digital

Any student in public relations knows, or should know, how important it is to keep up with news. So in the face of a current election year, it is that much more important to be in the know. Some students, maybe even professionals, may have found it hard to keep up with every single aspect … Continue reading Election Media Coverage Goes Digital

Political Cannibalism

“Eating or defeating your own is a form of sophisticated cannibalism.” Former Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) famously said that in his farewell speech to Congress, originally referring to the surge of the Tea Party and the corresponding rise in partisanship and disparaging rhetoric directed towards traditional Republicans. Unfortunately for the candidates vying for the Republican … Continue reading Political Cannibalism